Art and Culture – maturitní otázka z angličtiny

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Otázka: Art and Culture

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): VariusMartin



It is represented by arts such as architecture, sculpture, literature, painting and music, but also science, philosophy and so on.

Culture surrounds us since our birth.



Something that surrounds us most of the time

o   Radios, shopping centres

o   Music as a background (going to the school, relaxing)

Young people spend a lot of time in music clubs and pubs where the music is as loud as possible and makes the environment interesting


In the history singers actually could sing

o   Nowadays it’s more about electronic devices and programs

o   People prefer „beats“ and loudness rather than nice vocals


Famous English speaking musicians or bands:

o   The Beatles

§  British pop band that influenced the whole world

o   Luis Armstrong

§  Jazz, awesome voice

o   The ABBA

§  Swedish pop group

o   Elvis Presley

§  Rock’n’Roll legend


Operas and classical music still have their fans

o   National Theatres, National Opera



It’s quite expensive these days to go to the cinema centre

o   However, very comfortable

o   High quality picture on the screen, but low quality films


It’s not about the quality of the film but about its promotion and advertisements

o   Actors are still very good but films have stupid plots and are very unrealistic


People prefer downloading the films

o   You have to be careful while doing it


Popular genres: Comedy, Novel, Romantic, Animated

o   Animated films register a big boost nowadays

§  New and high-end technologies

§  Realistic voices and movements of the characters

o   Comedies are immortal – people always like to laugh


Famous English speaking actors:

o   Leonardo DiCaprio

§  Great performance in The Titanic, The Great Gatsby, Wolf of Wall street

§  Still doesn’t have an Oscar

o   Johnny Depp

§  Great performance in The Pirates of Caribbean

o   Neil Patrick Harris

§  As Barney in How I Met Your Mother


Famous directors:

o   Alfred Hitchcock

§  The world repute master of thriller became famous for his impressive camera work and technique. Anyone should know at least Psycho, Birds or Rebecca

o   Steven Spielgerg

§  Jurassic Park, The Jaws

o   Woody Allen

§  American film director and actor, comedies with great humour, received 3 Oscars, films: Husband and Wives



Science Museums

o   Almost every big city has a science museum

o   They become very entertaining and educational

o   It’s not about seeing things in the showcase but about experimenting and discovering new things

o   Personally, I hate museums, but I love modern science museums


Madame Tussaud´s

o   Famous museum in London

o   Contains wax sculptors of famous people (mostly actors, musicians or sports men)

o   It becomes popular worldwide because people started establishing their own wax museum (We even have a new one in the centre of Prague)


BMW and Mercedes Museum

o   I am really into cars so I love visiting these museums

o   BMW has its seat in Munich and Mercedes in Stuttgart

o   Very modern (BMW Museum is in a shape on an 4-cylinder engine)

o   It’s made chronologically – it starts with the oldest models and then it gradually gets to the newest ones

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