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Přidal(a): Foppa



Clothes can be divided into two categories:

  • Fist type is formal clothes:
    • Formal clothes we use for special social events.
    • For example: when we go to the theatre, when we have the most important exam for us like a Maturity exam.
    • When somebody works as an office worker or a lawyer.I usually wear glittering dress and on my feet I have red glossy pumps. Man can has a white shirt, a red tie, a black jacket a pair of trousers and on his feet he has a formal leather shoes.
  • Other type is casual clothes:
    • Casual clothes we use for our daily life. We need this type of clothes when we go to the city, to the school or when we go to do some sports.
    • For sport we need comfortable clothes like a sweatshirt, a tracksuit, t-shirt and trainers.
    • To the city we need something that is modern and trendy like jeans, t-shirt, leather jacket, blouse, shorts, pumps, trainers.
    • At school in Great Britain they must wear a school uniforms (jacket, shirt, tie, skirt or trousers, sandals or leather shoes).


In summer we wear lightweight clothes.We wear a lot less clothing. We wear sleeveless or a tank top (if your shirt doesn’t have sleeves). Both boys and girls wear sandals. We also wear shorts in the summer and if we go to the beach, we wear our swimming suit. Most people are probably wearing underwear under our clothes, and girls are probably wearing a bra.

In winter we wear warm clothes and a lot of clothes, because we don´t like the cold. Since it’s winter, you hopefully are wearing shoes and socks. Maybe even boots. Also important in winter are scarves, hats, ear muffs and gloves or mittens. You should also have a jacket or coat.

When it is spring and autumn we use warmer clothes than in summer.


When we want to improve our clothes we use accessories. They make our clothes beautiful. For example sunglasses, necklace, ring with diamond, brooch, earrings and watch or bracelets around our wrists. We may also wear a barrette or headband in our hair.

We make our clothes from different materials. It means from cotton, wool, linen, silk, velvet, washable, non-iron, crease-resistant and shrink –resistant. Many things are made from cotton. Some sweaters may be made from wool which comes from sheep. Some jackets,belts, and shoes are made from leather which comes from cows. Polyester, a man−made fabric, is also used a lot in making clothing. Silk, which is a verysoft material, is popular for pyjamas, robes and underwear.

And we use a lot of patterns on it. For example plain, dotted, spotted, checked, flowered, striped and tartan.

We have a lot of types of shoes like a pumps, trainers, leather shoes, flip flops, high boots and sandals. At home, maybe you have slippers.



Shopping is activity, which is very important for our lives. We spend a lot of money for new things and necessary items like food and clothes.


There are many types of shops

1)      The 1st there is shopping centre. Shopping centre is some building forming a complex of shops- Vankovka shopping centre, Westfield where are more than 300 shops, 70 restaurants, 3 hotels, 1 cinema and the biggestBritish casino with pins.

2)      Another shop is supermarket where you can buy mainly food, some clothes,or tools. Itis more comfortable when you use shopping basket or trolley, and after the choosing you have to go to the cash desk and pay.Sainsbury is one of the most known supermarkets in the UK.

3)      The 3rd kind of shop is department store, where are separated sections with one sort of good, and in every section is a cash desk – clothes (men, women, children), shoes, electronics, books, food, lingerie, luggage, jewellery.

4)      Open air market is especially for fresh fruit and vegetables, there is vegetable market in Brno.

5)      Second hand shopis better for lower social classes, because the goods like clothes or books are much cheaper and sometimes you find something in good condition so you don´t have to spend thousands of money for new things. But I have never been in second hand shop so it depends.

6)      Internet-very comfortable, you just need bank account and internet connection, but you don´t have assurance if you get your delivery, the biggest shopping website is EBay.

7)      Highlyspecialized shops are shops with wide selections of goods

  • Newsagents – newspapers, birthday cards
  • Bakery – bread,rolls,pies
  • Butchers – meat, ham, sausages
  • Clothes store – T-shirts,shirts,trousers, jeans, lingerie
  • Electronics – mobile phones, cameras, TVs, radios, fridges, freezers, accessories
  • Chemists – medicine,shampoo,cosmetics
  • Pet shop – pet food, toys, cages
  • Bookshop – books, CDs
  • Greengrocery – vegetable, fruit
  • Jewellery – necklace, bracelet, earrings
  • DIY shop – tools for household chores


In the clothes shop, at first when you come in, you choose something what you like or what you want to buy, you can ask a shopassistant for help. If you choose something itis better to try on in fitting room, to make sure you have got the correct size. If you want to buy you have to go to the cash desk and pay with cash or credit card.

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