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Sport and games are very important for active relaxation and are also important for our physical and mental health.

The main difference between sport and game is that game is the ‘collective’ and the sport is more individual – it means football or basketball are games and e.g. skiing or swimming are sports.

We can practise some of sports and games indoor and some of them outdoor. In the first group there are e.g. ice-hockey, basketball, handball, figure skating or gymnastics and in the second group there are e.g. baseball, golf, winter sports such as skiing (slalom, down-hill, ski-jump), rellyes or riding. There are also sports for both indoor and outdoor – swimming, athletics (sprint, jump, javelin), football, tennis, volleyball etc. Some sports such as diving, windsurfing or racing can be quite dangerous and very expensive.

Many sports have their origin in Great Britain(England). The most specific is cricket, often called the ‘English national sport’. It has never been adopted in foreign countries.

Also football, golf and tennis are very popular there. Rugby (rugby football) is very popular in Scotland and has its origin there, quite popular are rowing [1] and horse-riding too. The major sports events of the year in UK are The Grand Slam Tennis Tournament in Wimbledon (in London), The British Open Golf Championship and The Grand National (horse-riding steeple-chase [2]). InGreat Britain the old clubs of aristocracy and very rich people have a big prestige and very long tradition.

In the USAthere are especially baseball and basketball (NBA), which have its origin there, ice-hockey (NHL) and golf very popular. There is a long tradition of school sport clubs at all of the high schools and collages. Many Americans exercise for good health every day – fitness and keeping fit is an important part of American way of life.

There are also very important world’s sport events. The most famous are The Olympic Games (the Olympics), which are held every four years and have got its summer and winter part, which change once every two years. Other important events (which are held annually or every two years) are The World and The European Championships and Cups in almost every type of sports (e.g. in football, athletics, swimming, skiing etc.), The Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments, The Formula One Championship etc.


Kinds of sports

–          –          Season sports: summer, winter, seasonal…

–          –          Outdoors: baseball, golf, gliding, skiing…

–          –          Indoors: table-tennis, gymnastic, chess

–          –          Social: all teams games (football, volleyball)

–          –          Single: chess, golf, athletics…

–          –          Water, ball games…


Typical sports for

Great Britain

–          –          Many sports have their origins inBritainthat is whyBritainis sometimes called the cradle of sports

–          –          Cricket – real English game, it has never spread in foreign countries, it is intensively played only in the UK, Australia and some other Commonwealth countries; it is played on a cricket field of approximately size of two pitches, two teams of 11 members, they use cricket-bat and a small leather-ball.

–          –          Golf – has its origins inScotland

–          –          Football – the most popular game inBritain;

–          –          Tennis, Squash

–          –          They don’t play volleyball at all



–          –          Baseball, Rugby, Basketball, Motor racing, Ice-hockey (Canada)…


The Czech Republic

–          –          Football, Ice-hockey, Tennis, Volleyball…


Rules and equipment

When you want to do some sport you firstly need to know the rules. If don’t know it you may be sent off the play or you don’t achieve the best results (score) you could. You nearly always need some equipment for doing it. For instance when you play golf you has to have lot of equipment – different kinds of sticks, balls, special trolley. For some sports you don’t need nearly anything, just your body (volleyball – only good shoes and kneecap).


–          –          is a team sport that you can play both outside and inside

–          –          it is played on a volleyball court of size 9 by 18 metres, there is a net across the court, which is in a height of 2,43m

–          –          you play with a white ball (now it also can be coloured)

–          –          the team consists of six players (2 of them are smash-men, 2 of them make a blockade, 2 of them pass the ball to smash-men who should score)

–          –          it is important to make the ball touch the rival’s side of the court – it make a point for you; it is played till one team reaches 25 points – it means that they win a set, when you win two sets you also win the match


Important sport events

The Olympic Games

–          –          are the most famous sport event in the world

–          –          people represent their own country, more than 30 sport events

–          –          they are held every four years, they have their summer and winter parts which change once every two years

–          –          the first Olympic Games took place in Olympia, Greece in the year 776 B.C., there exist many legends – the story of the marathon (in 490 a Greek runner ran about 42 km. from Marathon to Athens; he was bringing news of the Battle of Athens; but he ran too tar, too fast; he died from exhaustion)

–          –          symbol of the Games is The Olympic Flag – there are five connected circles, each symbolised one continent (blue – Europe, black – Africa, red – America, yellow – Asia, green – Australia); and The Olympic Fire – it is traditionally lighted in Greek Olympia and moved to the city in which the Games are taking place, it burns during the OG


Other Events

Wimbledon – the most famous tennis tournament in the world,Czech republicbelong to the first class, it takes place in GB

World Championships in F1, hockey, football, World Cups…


Sport at school/clubs


–          –          at school we have our physical training lessons two times a week

–          –          we exercise in the sport hall (gymnastic) and in the summer out (athletics)

–          –          we practise gym and sometimes we play volleyball or other games – we have a few competitions between classes


–          –          you can improve yourself, because at school you don’t have time for it and not everybody like the sport that you like

–          –          there is a lot of fun there, you might achieve some success there


The effect on a nation of sporting success

I think that nearly everybody is very happy, people celebrate, they realise that they are Czech – they are proud of this country, it can join people who don’t like each other together. The country became known all over the world.

Czech famous sportsmen : We have many famous sportsmen in theCzechRepublic. They play football, hockey, do athletic etc. The famous sportsmen who play football are for example: Baroš, Koller and Rosický. Famous Hockey players are Hašek and Jágr. And now some famous people who do some other sport: Dvořák (athletic), Sáblíková (speed-skating) for example.



Sport as a hobby

–          –          sport could be very funny and what is very important, nearly everybody can do some sport activity

–          –          sport keeps us healthy not only physical, but psychical, too

–          –          we can do sport with our friends, or meet a lot of new interesting people

–          –          sport teaches us, how to improve our condition and some kinds of sports could us teach how to be more responsible and fair

–          –          but you must be careful and don’t overestimate your power


Sport as a profession

–          –          it is very hard work, you have to be very good at it if you want to be famous

–          –          you can earn a lot of money and meet famous people

–          –          but it could be very dangerous for your body. Some kinds of sports – athletics, are very dangerous for your muscles – you can stretch your muscles, and your joins very suffer

–          –          there is a big danger of anabolic steroids (synthetic hormone) – if you take it, it destroys your body very much

–          –          you have to be very careful of every kinds of injuries, because it could be the end of you carrier

–          –          if you are top sportsman, you have to keep very strictly rules and your private life is under the control, too

–          –          you must know the rules and respect them

–          –          must have a good equipment and trainer


My attitude to sports

I like doing sport. I used to play tennis for ten years but I stopped doing this, because it was more and more expensive. Now I play table tennis, volleyball, and basketball. I like florball very much but I have nowhere to do that. Last year I start doing roller-skating. I’d like to improve in it. There is not enough equipment in Hlučín. But inOstravathere is very good skate park with special equipment like funbox, radius, U-ramp etc. Someone can found in boring but I like doing and inventing new figures which are more difficult and sometimes more dangerous. I’d like to try squash as well. When I have lots of money I will try bungee-jumping. It must be exciting. Or I’ll try parachuting it must be grateful to fall down through air. I also like swimming. I can swim for a long time but I am not very fast. I do cycling very often. I like cycling to far distances. In winter I play ice hockey. I don’t know why but I hate football. It’s an only one sport I really don’t like. It’s maybe because when I was smaller everybody used to play football but I used to play tennis.



aviation, flying              létání

archery                          lukostřelba

athletics                         atletika

badminton                     badminton

ball throwing                 vrh koulí

baseball                         baseball

basketball                      košíková

billiards, snooker           kulečník

bowling                         kuželky

boxing                           box

canoeing                        kanoistika

car racing                      formule

climbing                        horolezectví

competitive walking     závodní chůze

croquet                          kroket

cross-country skiing lyžování na bežkách

cycling                          cyklistika

darts                              šipky

diving                            potápění

down-hill skiing            sjezd

fancy diving                  skoky do vody

fencing                          šerm

fishing, angling             rybolov

floorball,                       florbal

football                         fotbal

gliding                           bezmotorové létání

golf                               golf

gymnastics                    gymnastika

handball                        házená

hand gliding                  létání na kluzáku

high jump                      skok vysoký

hiking                            pěší turistika

hockey                          hokej

horse riding                   jezdectví

chess                             šachy

javelin throw                 vrh oštěpem

judo                               judo

karate                            karate

long jump                      skok daleký

marathon                       maratón

motorcycling                 motocyklistika

mountaineering             horolezectví

pole vault                      skok o tyči

powertraining                posilování

relay race                       štafetový běh

roller-skating                 jízda na koleč. bruslích

rowing                           veslování

rugby                             ragby

scrambling                     motokros

shooting                        střelba

skating                          bruslení

skiing                            lyžování

ski-jump                        skoky na lyžích

slalom                            slalom

sledding                        sáňkování

soccer                            fotbal (vUSA)

sprint                             sprint

squash                           squash

steeplechase                  překážkový běh

swimming                     plavání

table–tennis                   stolní tenis

tennis                            tenis

throwing the discus      hod diskem

triple jump                     trojskok

volleyball                      voleybal

water polo                     vodní pólo

water skiing                  vodní lyžování

weight lifting                vzpírání

windsurfing                  windsurfing

wrestling                       zápas


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