At the reception desk – maturitní otázka



Otázka: At the reception desk

Jazyk: Angličtina pro hotelové školy

Přidal(a): Kristýna Koutníková



Describing reception duties

Taking reservations

The receptionist takes the reservations. The booking system is mainly on-line and she or he has to know how to work with the booking programs. But some guests phone or send e-mails to book rooms. The receptionist asks when is the reservation for, how many nights the guest is staying, what kind of room is required, and if B+B or half or full board are required. She or he gives the price then and asks for the guest´s name and the credit card number. Then she/he typically confirms the booking by e-mail.


Receiving the guests

When the guests arrive, the receptionist has to check the guests in, welcomes them, and asks if they have a reservation, then fills in the registration / check-in form and asks the guests to sign it. She/ he has to ask to see their passport and then gives them their key or key card, wishes them a nice stay, shows them to the lifts and calls the porter to help them with their luggage.


During the stay

During the stay the receptionist sorts out problems. She / he makes sure that everyone is getting the service they need.

The receptionist offers the hotel facilities such as sport facilities, hair dressing salon and beauty salon, shows the guest to the restaurant, bar, breakfast restaurant…arranges tickets for cultural performances and sightseeing or guided tours and trips. She/he deals with complaints such as if the room has not been cleaned, if there is something broken, if the neighbours are too loud, if there is something missing in the room e.g. soup or towels…. She/ he takes messages for the guests, helps the guests, gives them advice, arranges hotel services such as laundry service, cleaning and pressing, putting the valuables in the hotel safe etc.



At the end of the stay the receptionist checks the guest out. Before the guests leave the receptionist prepares the bill, and if required explains it, gives the receipt to the guest after he settles the bill, and says good bye to the guests.  It is polite to ask if the guest was satisfied, wish a pleasant trip and safe journey and invite the guest to come again. The receptionist calls a taxi or arranges an airport shuttle for the guest.


Qualities, Working hours, Uniforms

He  /she deals with people, that´s why he/ she needs to be both sociable and diplomatic.   Knowledge of foreign languages is essential. The receptionist works in shifts. She / has to be dressed well and usually wears a hotel uniform.



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