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Otázka: Jobs at a hotel

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Speak about the jobs at a hotel

Hotel management

At the top of the hotel staff is the general manager and assistant managers. They are responsible for the day to day operation of the hotel. They plan the work schedules, manage the accounts and deal with any problems to do with staff or guests. There are four departments, each with its own manager: The front of house manager, who is responsible for the reception, head porter and doormen. The banqueting and conference manager organizes all the events that take place in the hotel. He has a team of event organizers who look after groups and parties. For smaller functions they use the in-house catering staff, but for big occasions they employ agency staff.


Hotel rooms

Then there is housekeeping – all the services to do with the rooms. The head housekeeper is in charge of this. She has a team of maids who make up the rooms, provide towels and bed linen, and ensure that everything is ready for a new guest. She also looks after laundry, and cleaning in other parts of the hotel.


Hotel kitchen and Hotel restaurant

Finally there is a food and beverage manager who is responsible for the kitchen and restaurant staff. He plans the menus with the chef, handles the day-to-day running of the business, does the accounts, and manages the team. He or she has to deal with the complaints of the guests. A food and beverage manager has to be well organized and efficient. Three people report directly to him: the head waiter, the bar manager and the head chef. The head waiter manages the specialist wine waiters and the other waiters and waitresses. The bar manager is responsible for the bar staff. The head chef manages the kitchens and under him comes the assistant or sous chef. Then any other chefs report to the sous chef. The head chef writes the menu and is responsible for the main courses, meat, fish… The sous chef prepares e.g. all the soups, side orders and starters, the pastry chef bakes all the bread and prepares the hot desserts. Finally the kitchen porters/ commis come at the bottom. They help with the cooking, sharpen knives etc.

The cooks have to be able to explain the dishes they prepare, what ingredients they use, where the dishes come from, what is special or different about it. The kitchen staff  works in various kitchen sections. There is a fish section, vegetable section, sauce section and meat section, pastry section, cold meat/ salad section and dishwashing


Hotel reception

A hotel receptionist has to check guests in and out of the hotel, take reservations and sort out problems. He or she makes sure that everyone is getting the service they need. He/she deals with people, that´s why he / she needs to be a diplomatic and sociable.

The hotel staff works in shifts.


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