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Otázka: Travelling and services

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): oliver


People nowadays travel a lot. We usually have to commute to work, to school or travel on business. It is mostly an unpleasant duty for us and an everyday routine. However, many people travel for pleasure. For these people travelling means discovering, challenges and new experiences. There are many reasons why to travel. On our journey we can see new beautiful places, meet new people, taste local cuisines and also learn the language.

Before our visit we should organize some important things. Firstly, we have to decide how to get to the destination. You can go by plane, a car, a bus, a train or a ship. Depending on the distance you can also walk or ride on a bike. For some hitchhiking might be an option too. Then we need to choose a place to stay in. There are many options such as hotels, tents or sleeping under the sky. Depending on the length of our journey we need to pack some clothes, hygiene, medication etc. For travelling we should have a passport or visa in non-European countries or an identity card in Europe. We can also change some money, but it is good not to carry a lot of cash around with us and rather take a credit card.

You can exchange the money in an exchange office or a bank. But make sure to compare different options so you don’t pay too much. The whole journey can be organised by a travel agency, where you just choose what you want and pay. That can happen from the comfort of your home on your computer or you can visit an affiliate. In Czech Republic is one of the most known Čedok.

Travel agencies, exchange offices and banks are services. Services are activities satisfying the wants of consumers. There are different types of services. They could be divided into three main groups. Business, social and personal. The major business services are insurance, banking, warehousing, transportation and communication. Social are the ones that help other people for example in education or health. Personal services include for example restaurants, hotels, tourism or based on beauty like hairdresser.

Some of them might have disadvantages. Like I said, some banks for example could try to earn money on pensioners and tourists because they are easier to rob. For tourists might be a big disadvantage a foreign language if they can’t speak it. There are also many differences in different countries. So, for example people from poorer countries might not be used to a set price and could try to argue about it because they want it lower. On the internet a hotel could be looking good but, in reality it can be horrible looking and in bad condition. In restaurants and pubs, the food and drinks can be terrible tasting and not looking. And you can meet impolite people anywhere.

Despite all the negatives I would not be afraid. You can find the right places with good people and also advantages. If we take the bank for an example. If you find a good one that doesn’t try to rob people, you could take a loan and by a car. In the travel agency an advantage is you don’t have to take care of anything. If you have a health insurance the biggest advantage is that you don’t have to pay for most of the medical treatment. And after all good and bad experience is still an experience.

I love travelling. With my family I have been travelling since I was 5 years old. My first holiday was on Mallorca. I usually do not get to practise my English because my parents always solve everything and I do not really mind because I am kind of shy when it comes to speaking. Last year we were in Greece after a long time. I was really happy to go because during the Covid crisis a person could not do much. Especially travelling was forbidden. We are going to visit Mallorca this year again. We are going to go in June because I will already have my summer vacation and we are going to stay there for 11 days. I am really looking forward because it will be a nice rest after preparing for all of the exams.

My dream holiday would be in Italy. I have already been there once and for some reason I fell in love with the country. I love the Italian cuisine, for example pizza, tiramisu or different types of pasta. I also really like the Eurovision winning band Maneskin. And when we were there, the people where friendly and welcoming. I think the Italian language is beautiful and therefore I chose Italian language as one of the programmes that I would like to study at university.

In the end I would say that you shouldn’t be afraid of travelling because the worst that can happen is you end up dead. And that can happen even in your country.

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