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Travel agencies represent a very important part of the tourism business. They have to undertake market research and investigate both the demand-side of the market as well as the supply-side of the market. They must decide whether to offer inclusive tours or independent holidays. Inclusive tours include all main services, such as transport, transfers, accommodation, food plan (usually half board or full board) and services of a tour leader, a guide or a resort representative.


Tour operators make arrangements for hotel rooms, meals, transportation and other services for tourists. They buy the above-mentioned products and services from their providers in bulk, which enables them to get these products at much lower prices than would otherwise be charged to individuals. They have to negotiate with service providers to get the best deal. They try to get convenient room allocations in hotels, they charter aircrafts or coaches, they recruit staff such as tour leaders, guides or resort representatives, and they plan advertising campaigns and prepare brochures. They prepare a holiday package and set its price.

The job of a tour operator can sometimes overlap with the job of a travel agent, whose job is to sell products and services of tour operators and service providers. They can either sell their products, holiday packages, through travel agents or directly to the public.


A travel agent is a real contact and selling person. He advises his clients which package to buy, recommends optional services, such as excursions, insurance, car-hire. The clients usually have 48 hours to decide whether they really want the package or not.

When the client pays a non-refundable deposit to the travel agent, the travel agent confirms the booking and collects/keeps the necessary documents, correspondence, tickets. He takes the balance, or full payment in case of late booking.

The travel agent must know the product well. He must be able to sell it. Sometimes they are invited to fam trips to become familiar with the destination they are selling. A travel agent should be able to discover what a client is looking for even if the client doesn´t exactly know it. It is a task of the travel agent to recommend them the right product at the right price. He should be able to persuade the client to change his mind if there is a product more suitable for him. He should recognize what type of a person he is talking to, and deal with him/her accordingly.

undertake – provést, investigate – prozkoumat, demand-side – strana poptávky, supply-side – strana nabídky, inclusive tour – plně organizovaný zájezd, independent holiday – zájezd v rámci nezávislé turistiky, resort representative – zástupce CK v letovisku, buy in bulk – nakupovat ve velkém, room allocation – garance pokojů za výhodnou cenu, charter – najmout dopravní prostředek, recruit – zaměstnat, non-refundable deposit – nevratná záloha, balance – doplatek, full-payment – plná platba, fam trip – info cesta, to become familiar – dobře se seznámit



To confirm your booking, you must complete a booking form, accepting on behalf of all your party the terms of booking conditions and pay a deposit of the amount per person specified by our staff at the time of booking plus an insurance premium. Your contract will consist of the terms and conditions, the completed booking form. Your holiday package must be paid at least 6 weeks before the departure date.

party – skupina lidí jedoucí na zájezd společně, deposit – záloha, insurance premium – pojistné,



It is often a condition of booking that clients either take out the comprehensive travel insurance recommended by the travel agent, or produce evidence of a policy containing equivalent coverage to that recommended. Clients will be automatically insured. A certificate of cover will be sent to the clients with their confirmation and invoice.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance covers baggage and personal effects, personal money and documents, medical and emergency expenses, cancellation and curtailment, personal accident, missed departure and legal expenses. For those who travel abroad throughout the year, taking an annual cover could be money saving.

comprehensive insurance – sdružené pojištění, policy – pojistka/pojistná smlouva, policy coverage – pojistné krytí, curtailment – omezení.



  • a hiking holiday
  • a camping holiday
  • a seaside holiday
  • a package holiday/tour
  • a sightseeing holiday
  • work and travel holidays
  • an alternative holiday
  • an adventure holiday
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