Australia and New Zealand – maturitní otázka z angličtiny



  Otázka: Australia and New Zealand

  Jazyk: Angličtina

  Přidal(a): Tomdog3





 Capital

o Canberra

 Official language

o English

 Largest city

o Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane

o Perth, Adelaide

Area = 7.682.300 km2

 Australian’s flag

o The Union Jack flag

§ Five stars = represent the constellation of the SOuthern Cross

§ Large seven-pointed star = 6 states and 1 territory



Population = 21.350.000

 Major ethnic/national groups

o European descendants, Asian, Indonesians

o Aborigines = native Australians



 The only country that is also a kontinent

 Mostly flat x Great Diving Range

 Sea

o The South Pacific Ocean

o The Indian Ocean

 Major rivers

o The Murray

o The Darling

 Many creeks

 Elevation

o Highest = Mt.Kosciuszko (2.228m)

o Lowest = Lake Eyre (16m below sea level)

 Climate

o Inland

§ Central desert surrounded by a semi-desert zone

o North

§ Tropical

§ Heavy summer rainfalls

o Southwest, Adelaide

§ Hot, dry summer + mild Winter



 Form of government

o Constitutional monarchy

o A parliamentary democracy = in practice

 Head of state

o Queen of the United Kingdom = she i salso queen of Australia

o The Governor General = in practice

 Legislature

o Parliament of two houses

§ The Senate

 76 members

§ The House of Representatives

 148 members

 Executive

o Prime Minister

o Cabinet

 Political subdivisions

o 6 states

§ Western Australia, Southern Australia

§ Queensland, New South Wales

§ Victoria, Tasmania

o 2 territories

§ Nothern Territory

§ Capital territory



 Important products

o Agriculture

§ Sheep, cattle, wheat, wool, milk, barley, forestry

o Manufacturing

§ Processed foof and beveranges, iron and steel, chemicals, textiles

o Mining

§ Coal, oil, natural gas, iron ore, gold, lead, zinc

 Currency

o Australan dollar = 100 cents

 Major exports

o Coal, wheat, wool, petroleum products

 Major imports

o Industrial machinery, electric appliances



 Endemic

o Tasmania devil

o Kangaroo

o Koalas

o Emus

 New South Wales

o Sydney

§ The largem city

§ Nearly 60 kilometres of beaches

§ Perfekt Mediterranean-like chmate

§ Called the Paris of the Pacific

§ The sydney Opera House

§ Summer Olympic Games in 2000

 Canberra

o Australan Capital Territory

 Victoria

o Melbourne

§ Centre of Australian football, cricket, horse rating, tennis, golf

§ Many parks and gardens

§ The Royal Botanic Garden

 Tasmania

o National parks = Southwest National Park

o Tasmania devil

 South Australia

o Kangaroo Island

§ Australan wildlife flourishes

 Nothern Territory

o Kakadu National Park

§ East of Darwin, Aborigin rock painting

§ Crocodiles, water birds, kakadu

o Avers Rock

§ Uluru National Park

 Queensland

o Great Barrier Reef

§ The longest coral reef (2.000km) in the Word

§ Skin diving, tropocal fishes…

o Australan sheep

§ Grow one quater of all wool in the Word




 Capital

o Wellington

 Area

o 268 680 km²

 Largest cities

o Auckland, Wellington

o Christchurch, Hamilton



 Population

o 4.035.461

 Major ethnic/national groups

o European

o Māori, Asian, Pacific peoples



 2 separated islands  Cook Strait

 Islands

o North and South Island

o Stewart Island, Waiheke Island

o Great Barrier Island

 Mouintains

o Southern Alps

o Aoraki / Mount Cook

o Mount Ruapehu

 Lakes

o Lake Taupo

 Rivers

o Waikato River, Clutha River

 Climate

o mild and temperate maritime



 Form of government

o Parliamentary democracy

 Head of state

o Governor General = representing the British monarch

 Head of government

o Prime Minister

 Legislature

o House of Representatives

§ 120 members



 South Island

o Maori

§ Maori haka dance

§ All Black

§ The dance, which Maori men once performed before going into battle

 Endemic

o Kiwi, Moa

o Kakapo, Takahē

o Tuatara,

 North Island

o The hils with the longest name in the Word  Taumata (in origirinal = 92 letters)

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