Be a guide and show us round the famous sights of London


Otázka: Be a guide and show us round the famous sights of London

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London is the capital city of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland – that’s the official name of the UK. It is one of the biggest cities in Europe. Its population is about 8.5 million inhabitants

London is located in south-east England on the river Thames. Which flows between North and South London. I think this river is the most famous stream in the UK, mostly for the fact it flows through, the capital and also because it’s navigable.

This city was founded in 1st century as a Roman settlement. In 1666 most of the city was burnt down due to the fire, known as the Great Fire of London.


As for the landmarks, I would like to mention the Tower of London. It used to be a prison and it’s the place, where the crown jewels are now kept. Next to it, there is the famous Tower bridge, which opens up for ships, so they can pass along the River Thames. Buckingham Palace is where the queen Elizabeth II. lives, when she is in London. And her family too, I guess. Westminster Abbey is the place, where kings and queens are crowned and buried. Other famous buildings include St Paul’s Cathedral, the clock tower Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.


The most popular tourist atraction in London is perhaps the London eye, which is a 135-metre-tall ferris wheel, from which you can see the city. I was there, like 3 years ago and I really loved the view.

The national museums are free in London. The biggest ones are the British Museum, the National history museum and the Science museum.

The National Gallery is in Trafalgar Square. It houses paintings by nearly all the great European artists and a large collection of British paintings and sculptures.


The most famous shopping centres in London are in Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street and Oxford Street. There are many parks in London, e.g. St. James’s Park, Green Park, Regent’s Park. The largest of them is Hyde Park. It is also known for its Speaker’s Corner where anybody can have a speech.


As for the transport, for London are quite typical red double-decker buses, which are tall buses with two levels and also black taxies, called cabs. There is the oldest underground in the world. It’s called ‚the tube‘ and there are over 270 stations. It was build in 1863.

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