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London is the capital city of the UK. London is situated in southeast England along the Thames River. It is the 9th largest city in the world. With a population of about 8 million, this is a vast metropolis. London is a cosmopolis city, there are people of many nationalities.


Parts in London

There are four parts in London. The City of London, Westminster, West End and East End. The City of London is the oldest part but it is only a very small part. It is a business, financial and economical centre. There are a lot of banks (Bank of England), government offices and also well known London Stock Exchange.

The City of Westminster is known as the center of political and administrative life of GB. There are most of places of interest as Westminster Abbey or Houses of Parliament.

West End is the shopping and entertainment centre with many shops, theatres, cinemas and clubs.

East End used to be a poor dockland area but it has been changing. Now it is rapidly developing area



The city was probably founded 2000 years ago. The Romans built their settlement and called it Londinium. The London probably comes from Celts. In 19th century it was the largest and most influential city in the world. London is still one of the world’s major financial and cultural city.



London is a major world financial centre with a number of banks and the well/known London Stock Exchange. LSE id the second most important  stock exchange.



London transport is one of high quality. For example, one of the world famous red double-decker buses, though now ride in the historical parts only . They have been used since The Exhibition in the 19th century. Another alternative is the underground or tube, as it know in London. Tube is the oldest in the world. Traditional black taxis are another symbol of London. You can also travel by river buses. In London are two airports – Heathrow and Gatwick.


Interesting place in London

Tower of London – The Crown Jewels have been kept here since the 14.century. This place was started by William the Conqueror. The Tower guard are called Beefeaters. In Tower lives group of ravens. One story says that the Tower will fall down if they leave.

Tower Bridge – is only Thames bridge which opens in the middle to ships.

The House of Parliament- This place is the home of the British Government. It is divided  into 2 parts – House of Commons and House of Lords. It has 1000 rooms and 3km of corridors.

Buckingham Palace – is the official residence of the Queen. There is a memorial of  the Queen Victoria. During the summer you can visit State Rooms. All years you can visit the Royal Mews. It is famous for the changing guard ceremony too.

The London Eye – It is 135m high and carries people to have view over London.

Hyde Park – is very famous for its Speaking Corner where can express your opinion public.

St. Paul’s Cathedral – is still used for religious ceremonies and special events like weddings. Princess Diana got married.

Trafalgar Square – This square was built in Victorian time. It was named in honour of British victory led by Admiral Lord Nelson, that is why there is the Nelson’s Column in the middle of square.

Piccadilly Circus – is a modern square full of advertisements.

Oxford Street – is the longest street in London full of shops and stores with quite reasonable prices.

10 Downing Street – is the famous door of the prime minister office.

Harrods – is one of the largest and luxury department stores in Europe.

Greenwich – is the centre of world’s time system.

Big Ben – is the huge bell in the Clock Tower which was named after Sir Hall who supervised  the rebuilding of the House of Parliament.

Westminster Abbey – is one of the oldest buildings in London. There is still held religious service every day.

Sherlock Holmes Museum – is museum of the famous detective who appears in stories written by Sir Doyle. This museum is at 221 Baker Street.

Madame Tussaud’s museum – is the world’s famous wax museum full of lifelike wax figures of famous people.

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