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Téma: Beverages

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): vojta




  • Definition
  • Water
  • Alcoholic/soft drinks
  • Non-alcoholic drinks
  • Hot drinks (tea, coffee, others)


Beverage is a liquid prepared for human consumption, it is a part of human society/culture.

  • Water is not included into the group of beverages
  • It plays important role by healthy diet.
  • Diferent kind of water, which are offered in restaurants (catering establishment).



  • Still water – neperlivá
  • Gentle-carbonated water – jemně perlivá
  • Sparkling water – perlivá
  • Tap water – kohoutková ->there is task: serve it or not?


Alcoholic drinks

  • They content alcohol.
  • During the production are important two walls: fermentation by beer and wine and distillation by spirits, which content more alcohol
  • Wine and beer are produced by fermentation, spirits are produced by distillation.



  • Ingredients used by brew: Water, Hops – chmel, Yeast – kvasinky, Barley – ječmen, Malt – slad
  • It is brewed in breweries.
  • Beer is the most drunk alcoholic drink in the Czech Republic.
  • Beer can be brewed from different ingredients and with different flavours.
  • Types of beer:Lager – ležák 11°, Ale – světlé 10°, Dark – tmavé
  • How is beer served? It can be: draught/draft – točené, Bottled – lahvové, Canned– plechovkové
  • Hops is grown in Žatec region.



  • Types:
    • Red
    • White
    • Rose
    • Champagne
  • Wine is grown in vineyards.
  • How to serve it?
    • White wine are usually served with white meat (poultry, fish)
      • It should be cold about 8°C
    • Red wines are usually served with beef and steak
      • Its temperature should be circa 14°C.



  • It is distilled
  • It has high content of alcohol.


Soft drinks

  • They content no or little alcohol.
  • Kinds:
    • Juices (strawberry, orange, apple, blackcurrant, pine-apple, tomato)
      • Fresh juices content a lot of vitamins. Vitamins are important for our health.
    • Lemonades (flavoured water) –contents a lot of sugar
    • Sparkling water (soda)
    • Low-alcoholic beer
    • Apple cider
    • Syrup with water
    • Ice tea


Hot drinks

  • It is kind of beverage that is served heated.
    • Coffee-based drinks
    • Tea
    • Others
  • Hot juice
    • Hot chocolate (cocoa)
    • „grog“ – it is hit water with rum and lemon



  • Kinds of coffee-based drink:
    • Cappuccino, latte, espresso, lungo, flavoured, Irish, Canadian



  • Fruit (blend of fruit), Herbal (mint, ginger, rosehip, lime blossom), Black/green/white


Sweated drinks

  • High content of sugar
  • Harm full
  • It causes obesity
  • It has bad impact to our health


Drinking regime (Amount of liquids)

  • It is said that we should drink about 2 litters per day.
  • To prevent kidney discourses
  • The amount depending into /according to season/physical activity



  • Mixtures of alcoholic or non-alcoholic liquids
  • They are served in summer – they are refreshing
  • My favourite cocktails are:
    • Pina colada (Malibu rum – with coconut flavour, pine-apple juice, cream)
    • Mojito (mint, lime, white rum, cane sugar, soda)
    • Cuba libre (rum, cola, lime)

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