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  • It is parliamentary and constitutional monarchy
  • It is democracy, in which the country is governed by representatives of the people, Parliament, but the official head of state is the sovereign
  • The rules which govern the political system are not be found in any single constitutional document. Many of them are customs or conventions. The whole system is very adaptable.
  • The constitution is made up of:
    • statue law( acts of Parliament)
    • common law(law of precedent)
    • conventions(Europian legislation)


  • Political power is divided into three branches: legislative, executive, judicial.


Chief Govermental institutions

  • Parliament– chief of legislative body
  • Central Goverment– represents executive power
  • Law Courts– Judicial power


Legislative branch

The Parliament

  • the supreme legislative authority, legislative branch
  • consists of two Houses: 1)The House of Lords and 2)the House of Commons(lidu)
  • The U.K is a unitary state. All four countries of the UK are represented in the Parliament at Westminster in London.


1)The House of Lords

  • it is a relic
  • consists of :
    • the Lords Spiritual: the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Archbishop of York and 24 senior bishops
    • the Lords Temporal: hereditary peers, 300 life peers , 20 law lords,

Lords of APPEAL.


2)The House of Commons

  • consists of 650 salaried members
  • elected for 5 years
  • each member represents a constituency – the chairman of the House of Common is the Speaker, who is elected at the ..beginning of each new Parliamentary session by the Members of Parliament.
  • chief officer: Speaker
  • Main fuctions :are debating, passing laws and examiningthe actions of the Goverment.


The Executive branch

The British Goverment

  • is the supreme executive authority, the executive branch
  • consist of the Prime Minister, who is leader of the Govermen party and other ministers.
  • The Goverment is answerable to Parliament.
  • consist of over 80 members
  • executive power is in the hands of the Cabinet, a group of about 20 ministers, chosen by the Prime Minister from the members of his party.


  • The Prime Minister lives and works at his official residence at No. 10 Downing Street.


The Sovereign- The Queen

  • is the formal head of the UK and the Commonwealth (britské společenství národů) the armed forces, the system of justice, and of the Anglican Church.
  • The Queen formally summons) Parliament and has also the right to dissolve(rozpustit)it, signs laws.
  • She opens the sessions of Parliament in the House of Lords..etc
  • The present sovereign is Elisabeth II. The Queen has four children: Charles, Anne, Andrew, Edward.


The Judicial branch

  • is headed by the Highest court made up of 10 law lords, who are members of the House of Lords.


Political parties (2 party system)

  • The Conservative Party – it is right of centre
  • The Labour Party- it is left of centre
  • The Liberal democratic party
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