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Otázka: My school – the Business Academy

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I´d like to talk about the Business Academy. The Business Academy  is a school of my study.  The Business Academy has been established at the 19th of century . Originally it was a girl’s school. Now there are more girls than boys. There are about 8 classes. At this academy we study for 4years.  In this school we study classical economic subjects as economy, accounting  and also two languages English and German. After the school we can work as acoountant, economist, financial officer, referent in Gouverment, bank worker, insurance agent and worker in tourism.  Also we can study at the university.  The Business academy is located in Písek. This academy is located in Čelakovského road. The Business academy is associated with school of agriculture. Our headmaster is Pavel Sekyrka. Our school was located at karlova street at one of historical square of Písek.  This building was associated with the museum.  It was very old building. It was a peace of castle. In this building it was very cold and we had lit the lights every day.  There we had a buffet, where was a very kind and old saleswoman. She prepared very delicious baguettes and sandwiches. In this school we had weight room, but we did not have a gym.  Also we didn’t have school canteen. There was old toilet and cold. But in the agricultural school every equipment is a new. This building isn’t cold and there is a school canteen. But this school is very far from city center and is far from my house. I go every day to the school about 30 minutes. Previously I went to the school about 10 minutes. I think that old building was better than this.



In this picture we can see athletics stadium. It reminds me of elementary school. In this school we have P.E. every day and we had to run around this stadium. We run the long- distance running. Also we run the sprints. Our teacher measured running time.  She was very strict. I didn’t like her. But I like running. I love it. At the Old Business academy we didn’t any athletics stadium. We had only weights room. Also we had P.E. at Elim. This is a big gym.

In this picture we can see school canteen. At this building we have a school canteen, bust this canteen belongs to the agricultural school.  We can eat in this canteen. I think that foods here taste well. I think the prices of the food    are not high.  We can choose of 3 kinds of foods.  Every day is a soap and main dish and tea or juice.

In this picture we can see a break time. We have a lot of break time. We have about  5 smalls break. This break has about  10 minutes. And we have also Big break. This break has about 15 minutes. In break I usually eat. I usually eat some fruits and bread with butter.  Also  I go to the toilet and I learn on next subjects. Some students sleep on the tables.

In this picture we can see a prom- ball. Classical prom- ball in the Czech Republic  is in Autumn or Winter. We had prom-ball in November this year.  Typical Czech prom- ball haven’t  the King and  Queen as prom-ball in the USA. Our typical prom-ball have some interesting performance of singer or dancer.  It has usually midnight surprise that prepared the maturanti.  Maturanti usually wears very nice clothes. The girls have very nice and expensive dresses. And look as the Queen. The boys have only suit with the scarf. I thin that the prom- ball in The CZ is better than prom-ball in the USA.

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