British literature – maturitní otázka z angličtiny (2)

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Otázka: British literature

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Veronique



The first mention of British literature comes from the Anglo-Saxon period 8 or 9 century and it´s Germanic legend about Beowulf. It´s heroic poem about strong hero Beowulf.



During the middle ages was the Roman Catholic Churche criticised by John Wycliff professor of Oxford University. He and his students translated the whole bibel into english. J.W. influenced (ovlivnil) Master John Huss [has] and our hussite movement (hnutí).


RENAISSANCE and HUMANISM (14-15.stol.)


One of the most important personalities of this period was Geoffrey Chaucer. His masterpiece is Canterbury Tales and they are four stories about 30 pilgrims travelling to Canterbury.

Sir Thomas Moore

His best known work is The Utopia. It´s a vision of imaginary island with perfektly organize society.

William Shakespeare



John Milton is the main person of this period. His masterpiece is Paradise lost. It´s the revolt of satan against heaven.



There´s a big development of society, ekonomy, jurnalism, novel and drama, literature became popular among a middle class.


Johnatan Swift

He was a sharp critic. He wrote satarical pamphlets on unfair events in british society. His most popular work is Gulliver´s travels. Lamuel Gulliver travers throw imaginary countries. The land of giants, the land of Lilliputians.


Daniel Defoe

He was a politician, traveller and journalist. World-known work his Robinson Crusoe. It´s about Shipwrecking on an lonely island.


Henre Feilding

He was journalist, lawyer and playwright. He wrote dramatic novel Tom Jones and History of Foundling.



New stream appears in literature. It´s gothic novel (Mistic and cruel middle ages hauntet castles were topics for mistery stories and horrors.).


Matthew Gregory Lewis

The Monk (mnich)


Sir Walter Scott

He´s a founder a historical novel. He was inspirated by folkballads especially of scottish history. Ivanhoe – it´s from the period of the rule of Richard of lion heart. This period is well-known for its poetry.


William Wordsworth


Samuel Coleridge

He wrote a Lyrical Ballads, the Rytme of an Ancient Mariner. It´s about Mariner, who shuts the Albatross and the peneloty for his cruelty is to travel from land to land with his suffering soul.



Child´s Harold´s Pilgrimage. The hero travells across the europe and comments unfairnes in life.

B. Shelley


His masterpiece is Unbound Prometheus (odpoutaný Prométheus). It´s base on old Greek legend, who stole the fire from the Olympus to give it to people.




-critical realism



Emily and Charlotte Bronte


Emily Bronte

Wuthering Heights (Na větrné hůrce)

Both these novels describe


Charlotte Bronte

moral and psychological problems.

Jane Eyre (Jana Érová)


Charles Dickens

He wrote about poor people, life of poor people and society in England in 19th century. He wrote comedies and serious topics.

David Copperfield – novel

Little Dorrit

The Pickwick Papers

Oliwer Twist


William Makepeace Thackeray

He wrote novels against snobbery. His main novel is Vanity Fair. Where he compers the career of two completely different characters. (Becky Sharp)



Robert Lewis Stevenson

He wrote romantic adventurous (dobrodružné) stories.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Treasure Island


Oscar Wilde

He was from Dublin. He was influenced by the french theory l´art-pour-l´art. He was criticized by London society and put the prison for homosexuality. The rest of his life he spent in France.

The Picture of Dorian Gray – It´s excellent drama. In this work he deals with deeper levels of human characters.

Other works are fairy-tales:

The Wolf and the lamb

The Selfish Giant

The Happy Prince

The Nightingale and the rose


Rudyard Kipling

The JungleBook1 and 2

He was aworded the nobel prize in 1907. He was the first aworded british autor. He wrote about India, Indian sea, jungle and animals.


Herbert George Walls

He invented a new kind of sci-fi romance, a kind of utopia fiction. This form gave birth to the modern sci-fi literature.

The Time Machine

The Invisible Man

The First Man On The Moon


Virginia Wolf

Her masterpiece – To The Lighthouse (U majáku).


B. Shaw

– dramatist.He was most personality – awarded the nobel prize in 1925. He criticized the hole society.

Pygmalion – It was made in the world famous musical – My Fair Lady.

The widover´s house


John Galsworthy – The Forsyte Saga

James Joyce

George Orwell – Animal Farm

Agatha Christie



John Wain belongs to the actors called as „Angry young man“. They are angry and dissatisfied with american society.

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