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Canada is the second largest country in the world. Canada is situated in Northern part of North America. The capital city is Ottawa. Despite its big size, Canada has a small population of about 30 million people. The country is divided into ten provinces – Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Prince Edward Islands and so on. Most of people live in cities. The capital of Canada is Ottawa, but the largest city is Montreal in Quebec. The original inhabitants of Canada were Indians and Eskimos. Canada has two official languages English and French.


Canada has continental climate with cold snowy winters and warm summers. On the north there is a polar climate.


Canada is a constitutional monarchy and there is a democracy with two official languages and two systems of law: civil law and common law. Canada is a part of the Commonwealth so the head of state is Queen Elizabeth II who is represented by the Governor General. But the real head is the prime minister which is Stephen Harper. In Canada is Senate and House of Commons. The Flag of Canada consist of two red vertical stripes and in the middle of white stripe is maple leaf.


Canada is great sporting nation. National game is a lacrosse which is one of the oldest ball game on the world. Earlier form was played by Indians as part of their training for war. Canada is a cradle of ice hockey too which is here very popular.


All Canadian cities are very beautiful and they are tourist attractions as Toronto which is very cosmopolitan city. There is a CN tower (553m high, 3th highest tower in the world) and a lot of museums. For example Quebec is the only North American city that is still surrounded by the original walls, Edmonton is the biggest shopping centre in North America and Ottawa is visited for its Parliament Hill which is the seat of Canadian parliament.


It is a country of lakes, there are thousands of them. The largest are Lake Erie and Ontario. Between them there is the famous Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls is a major tourist attraction. It lies on the Canadian border with the USA. There are also many rivers, the Mackenzie and the St Lawrence Rivers are the longest. Along the west coast there are Canadian Rocky Mountains where the highest mountain is Mt. Logan.


Canada is known for its beautiful nature. One of the most famous parks is the National park Banff, which was built in 1855. It lies in mountain and that’s why it is so beautiful. The next well known park is Jasper. It’s the biggest park and it is on the list UNESCO. The national park Auyuittuq is very famous because there live polar foxes and beers.

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