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In his childhood he lived in poverty, his father was a clerk, after moving the family to London, even found himself in prison for debtors. Dickens himself had to earn a living. As a 10-year boy, he worked in a factory on the polishes for shoes. Later, when mastered, he worked as a clerk. From his twenty years he worked in the worksheet. His literary career started in 1833 by small časopiseckými črtami and stories, published under the pseudonym Boz, which captures the London environment and figures from the lower social strata. These work full of humor and wit is popular with readers so much that he decided to venture into the larger work.

When in 1836 his sketches published as a book, got the order from Publisher to Chronicle the Pickwick Club. It was his first extensive work and is famous for it. In the same year, Dickens married Catherine Hogarthovou, the daughter of his friend George Hogartha, with whom he had ten children. From the gutter to Dickens, thanks to its toughness and perseverance on the real star of the literary sky. He was famous not only in Europe but also in the United States, which he visited in 1841, and again in 1867. In England and in the USA gave the tour, on which he read their works.

After returning from his second trip to America has not felt well. Dickens Lost memory and had the first symptoms of a stroke, he died in 1870. His novels have a well-thought-out construction and Dickens in them did not shrink or police and criminal. He was a master of concise plot observables of personal characteristics and strove for emotional appeal.



  • Sketches by Boz
  • The Adventures of Oliver Twist
  • Sketches of Young Gentlemen
  • A Christmas Caro
  • The Old Curiosity Sho
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