Christmas – maturitní otázka z angličtiny

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Otázka: Christmas

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Lenka Klímová




At Christmas there are a lot of special meals. People make a lot of pastries before Christmas Day (vanilla crescents, gingerbread, Linz wheels etc.). A lot of people make planted Christmas cake which they can eat for breakfast.

At Christmas day some people don´t eat, because they want see golden piglet in the evening. Other people cook cabbage soup, lentil soup or “ Kuba” for lunch. Kuba is meal with hulled grain and mushrooms.

For dinner at Christmas Eve people usually eat carp with potato salad. Potato salad is made with potato, vegetables (peas, carrots, corn, onions, pickles, salami and mayonnaise). People who don´t eat fish have got for example chicken and pork schnitzel or sausage.

On 25th December  or St. Stephen´s day  people prepare goose, turkey or different meat, because this day isn´t as festive as Christmas Eve.



Presents are the symbol of Christmas.

Baby Jesus brings presents in the CZ.

Children write the letters for Baby Jesus.

We find the presents under the Christmas Tree.

We wrap presents into the Christmas colorful paper and we decorate them with a ribbon.

Children are very happy and they are in anticipation, then the bell ring.

When we want some special goods, you go to the stone shop. When you want to  buy in comfortanf you want to avoid the shopping rust , you can buy on the internet, but Attention! You must buy on the internet earlier.


Christmas day & Eve

We celebrate 24.In the morning we eat plaited Christmas cake and drink cocoa. All day we watch fairy tales. We prepare soup for lunch. Before lunch we go to the wood and we feed deer, wild pigs, hares etc. We decorate Ch. tree. When we come to the home we listen carols and prepare potato salad and father kills carp. We have dinner at 5 oclock.  After dinner we unwrap gifts which are under the Christmas tree from Baby Jesus . Then we relax , look at the gifts and eat homemade pastries. We visited some relatives.


Jesus Christ and Christmas

In the time of Chtistmas Jesus Christ was born.

His father was Joseph and his mother was Maria.

People believe, that he was born in Bethelem on straw.

People at Jesus’s time believed, that he was their saviour.

Jesus was given many presents by many people because of that.

Place of Jesus’s birth is in Bethelem.

This time people celebrate Christmas to remind his birth.

Children believe that Baby Jesus brings presents.

You can read in story the Bible (the New Testament)


Ideas and symbols

Cristmas are about rest, peace and time spent with family and friends.

Christmas arent about presents, but being with the most important people for you.


Christmas symbols:

– Christmas trees

  • Spruce – smrk
  • Fir – jedle
  • Pine- borovice
  • Plastics

– Postcards

– letters to Baby Jesus

– Star

– Lights

– Candles

– Glassballs, ornaments

– Carol

– Baby Jesus

– Reindeer

– Sleigh-sáně

– Nativity scene-betmén

– Bells-rolnicky, zvonky

– Mistletoe-jmelí

– Home-made pastries-cukrovy

-planted Christmas cake

-santa claus



Time of Christmas, period, days

Christmas begins by Advent. Advent starts on the 4th Sunday before December 25th.. Christmas are celebrated every year  People make Advent wreath with 4 candles. Every Sunday is one candle lit. During Advent people are preparing for Christmas and follow the traditions. People celebrate on the 24. of December when we have Christmas dinner. There are two day of holiday after it.


In the CZ people believe in Jesus Christ. In the USA people believe in Santa Claus. In the GB people believe  in Father Christmas
We have Carp with potato salad for dinner. They have Turkey with cranberry sauce for diner.
They unwrap presents in the evening  They unwrap presents in the morning.
Presents are under the Christmas tree. Presents are in the stocking.
We have plaited Christmas cake and homemade pastries. They have Christmas pudding and crackers.
Children put letters behind the window. Children throw letters in the fireplace.
We have cabbage soup for lunch. They have roast turkey with chestnut stuffing with vegetables and sauce.



1 – In Czech, we eat on Christmas Eve  carp for a dinner.

2 – Christmas dinner in the USA includes turkey or ham, potatoes and pie.

3 – In the USA is Santa and we have a Baby Jesus.

4 – Many people in the USA celebrate Christmsa day on December 25th.

5 – In the USA „Santa“ brings presents in the morning on December 25th.

6 – In  the USA, people find their presents in a stocking, which is hung
above the fireplace.

7 – In the USA after dinner on Christmas Eve, children go to bed early, but
not before t hunging their stockings on a fireplace.

8 – In Czech Republic we writte letters to Baby Jesus what we would like to
have under the tree on a Christmas Eve.


home –made pastries

scale carp





candles (to light a candle, 4 lit candle)

carol (caroler)

sleigh, reindeer, chimney

nativity scene

savior (Caster-crucifixion resurrection)

Bethelem Cradle, Baby Je

glass balls, straw


plaited CH. cake


golden piglet

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