Weather and Seasons – otázka z angličtiny


Otázka: Weather and Seasons

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Maikl



Weather and Seasons

–          year is divided into four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter

–          each season stands for 3 months of the year


Czech republic

–          located in a mild climate zone

–          has a moderate continental climate, therefore winters aren’t too cold and summers aren’t too hot



–          beginning: 21st March

–          weather: changeable, rainy, sunny, rainy, windy

–          nights get shorter

–          days get longer

–          flowers are growing (snowdrops, snowflakes, dandelions, blue forget-me-nots, crocuses, tulips)

–          snow-covered ground starts to reveal itself

–          it becomes warmer and warmer

–          umbrella  useful in spring

–          followed by summer



–          beginning: 21st June

–          weather: hot, sunny, sultry, dry, rarely overcast, cloudy and rainy

–          sometimes the drought is unbearable and we await rain for a long time

–          children love summer (holidays, hot weather, relaxing by the pool)

–          people go swimming, camping, making barbeques and sunbathing

–          too much heat is not good for human health (heatstroke, sunburn)

–          in the morning there’s dew, sky is bright and clear



–          beginning: 23rd September

–          weather: unsettled, cloudy, windy, rainy

–          most depressing season

–          sun sets earlier and rises later (days get shorter and nights get longer)

–          we pick many kinds of fruit and mushrooms

–          grass and leaves gets dry and turns into diverse colours (yellow, brown, red)

–          birds fly to the south

–          children can fly kites



–          beginning: 21st December

–          weather: snowy, cold, icy wind, hard frosts

–          cold days and even colder nights

–          lots of snow, mainly in the mountains

–          skiing, sledging, building snowmen, skating on lakes, throwing snowballs

–          important day: Christmas (presents, Santa Claus)

–          slippery roads (many accidents)

–          if people don’t wear caps or gloves, they can suffer from frostbite


Great Britain

–          weather: slightly milder (the country is surrounded by water), very rainy

–          also 4 seasons

–          winter: more snow, but it isn‘t so cold there

–          spring: it rains a lot, sometimes sunny days

–          summer: temperature can be over 30 degrees, but it’s not so usual

–          autumn: rainy, cool days

–          days in summer are slightly longer

–          days in winter are slightly shorter

–          less sunny days than in Czech republic


My opinion

I like every season but if someone told me I can choose only one, I would probably choose summer, because I’m still a student and I love summer holidays. My second favourite season is winter, because I love skiing.

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