Crime and punishment – maturitní otázka z angličtiny (3)


Otázka: Crime and punishment

Jazyk: Angličtina

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1.     Intro

  • crime is an action which is against the law
  • punishment serves for restricting crime
    • people need to be punished for their crimes so they won’t commit them again and others will be aware of those rules


2.     Legal systems of different countries

  • executive
    • police, federal police (FBI), intelligence (CIA, MI6)
  • legislative
    • proceeding of the bill:

bill is proposed – goes to Chamber of Deputies – is discussed and voted on – then it is submitted to the Senate – if it passes in Senate it is submitted to the president – president has veto right

  • judicial branch
    • the highest courts – Supreme or Constitutional
    • in ESC – based on Common Law


3.     Types of Crime

  • minor crimes and serious crimes


Minor offences

  • petty theft
  • shoplifting
  • driving offences
    • parking tickets, speeding, accidents, going through a red light
  • littering
  • piracy


Serious crime = Felony

  • blackmailing
  • kidnapping
  • hijacking – similar to kidnapping, object – plane etc
  • arson (ársen) – setting things on fire on purpose
  • drug pending / drug dealing / drug possession
  • forgery – making fake money
  • rape
  • mugging – violent attack and robbery
  • burglary – stealing from someone’s house
  • robbery – taking property from a person using force
  • white collar crime
    • cheating in tax payments
  • computer crime
    • whistle blowing, hacking
  • political crime – corruption (David Ráth)
  • child abuse, child pornography
  • manslaughter x murder
    • manslaughter is killing without intention
  • terrorism (9.11)
  • war crime


4.     Types of Punishment

  • imposing a fine
  • community service
  • to be imprisoned
  • suspended sentence
  • corporal punishment
  • capital punishment / death penalty
    • for – potential murderers would think twice before committing the crime, safer for society, retribution – murderers should get what they deserve, less taxpayers money would be spent
    • against – innocent people are sometimes wrongly convinced, state has no right to take anyone’s life, religious reason


5.     Steps of investigation

  • evidence
    • clues, fingerprints, bloodstains, CCTV records, alibi
  • interrogation
  • professions connected to investigation
    • coroner, detective, forensic specialist, secret agent, pathologist


6.     Trial

  • what does it look like at the court?
    • The person who committed a crime is taken to custody by a police officer – at the court he is charged with his crime and a case is presented to a jury – during the trial evidence is explored and witnesses speak – at the end person is convicted – jury makes a decision, suspect can appeal later on.
  • defendant (obžalovaný), defence (obhájce), witnesses /( an eye witness), prosecutions, judge, the jury
  • proving the defendant is guilty (as charged), to sentence someone (sentence)


7.     Known criminal cases

  • F. Kennedy Assasination
    • political murder
    • unsolved
    • conspiracy theories
  • September 11 attacks
    • terrorist attack on The World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York
    • Al Qaida terrorist group
    • 2001, followed by the War in Iraq
  • Corruption of David Ráth
    • former minister of health from The Social Democratic Party
    • 7 million Czech crowns in a wine box
  • Whistleblowing of Julian Assange (wikileaks)
    • exposure of secret government information on the non profit website wikileaks
    • currently staying in London on an Ecuadorian Embassy, charged with pedofilia in Sweden
    • helped Edward Snowden
    • International Court for Human Rights found violation of his rights


8.     Crime in popular culture

  • literature
    • Beggar’s Opera – John Gay
    • Arthur C. Doyle – Sherlock Holmes
    • Agatha Christie – Hercule Poirot
    • Ian Fleming – James Bond
    • Dexter
  • TV shows
    • CSI Miami, Hawaii 5-0, The Mentalist, Sherlock, Elementary, The Professionals, Law and Order, Dexter, The Good Wife, Bones, Colombo
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