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  Otázka: Food and meals

  Jazyk: Angličtina

  Přidal(a): Adriana Hlávková



Food is an everyday part of our lives and I would say that’s even unnecessary – people must eat and drink to live…but some people live just to eat – it is a famous phrase from my favourite cartoon movie ‘Over the Hedge’. The whole movie is about American people who have plenty of food and wild animals, that try to steal it to survive the winter. We can see there such a great comparison between these two sentences. So, do we eat to live or do we live to eat?


Average human eats from 3 to 5 meals during the whole day.

We start our day with breakfast. I think it is the most important meal of the day because thanks to a delicious breakfast, you’ll probably have more energy during the forenoon. Most people start a day with coffee or a tea but then it depends on everyone, what he likes. For example, I start every single day with a cup of green tea – I would say it is my must have in the morning. For breakfast I usually eat white yoghurt with fruit and cereals, bread with ham and cheese or even something sweet from time to time, when we bake some pie at home. I don’t get the people, who don’t eat breakfast in the morning – I think I would die without it, literally.


Many people, especially children at school, need some snacks during the forenoon. They get up early every day and after 3 hours, they are hungry – but they must wait about another 3 or more hours till lunch. I usually have a lot of fruits and vegetables at school – but I also prepare it for the afternoon snack, because I stay at school usually until the 4 p.m.

For lunch, people prepare warm food – Czech people usually eat a soup and for the main course some meat with some kind of side dishes (such as potatoes, rice or pasta) and vegetables. I needn’t to care about what to cook every day, because I eat at the school canteen. We can choose from 2 meals here and even that sometimes it’s not as good as a lunch prepared at home, I am glad, that we have this opportunity here.

As I mentioned, lot of people eat some snack in the afternoon, but it is a smaller than the forenoon snack. I usually take some apple and that’s it.

For dinner people eat whatever they want. Many people like to have a warm dinner every day, but for me it’s not necessary. I usually make a vegetable salad or scrambled eggs.


People would probably say that the Czech cuisine is very unhealthy and heavy – and I agree with it. All those dumplings, fatty meat and sauces, salami or sausages… But it doesn’t mean that when you’re Czech, you must eat all of that. For example, I hate beef sirloin with cream sauce, which is, I would say, our national meal.


It is up to us what we want to eat but not every time. There are also some people, who are not able to eat everything because of allergies. I think the worst allergy is a gluten or lactose allergy, because these two things you’ll find almost everywhere. But nowadays these people have more possibilities how to replace the food that is harmful for them. For example, there are so many other alternatives of milk – rice, soy, almond…and all of them tastes good.

Some people also choose to be vegetarian or vegan for some reason so they don’t want to eat meat or products that come from animal (eggs, milk, cheese etc.) I am not a vegetarian, but I don’t eat meat that much and for example, I don’t eat rabbit because of a personal reason.

It is only up to us what we want to eat, but we all should avoid junk food because nowadays, there are tons of that. Think about what you are eating and choose healthy food – it is better for your body and mind.


Our world has many countries and each one of them has its specific cuisine. I am a huge fan of Italian cuisine because of pasta. For me, it is the best food in the world – you can eat it in various ways. My absolutely favourite are spaghetti Bolognese with a large coat of cheese on top, but I love also tagliatelle with cheese sauce and tomatoes. And I also love pizza, of course. Italian cuisine is simply the best.

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