Current accommodation report: My home


 Otázka: Current accommodation report: My home

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The purpose of this report is to provide basic informations about the living in my home as a accommodation.



it is a two-storey family house with a garden and a garage. There is a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom with a toilet, three bedrooms, a study and a dressing room.



My home is situated in the smaller city Prostějov, which is located a few kilometres east from the regional city Olomouc. The house is close to the center however the neighborhood is calm without loud noises of cars, peoples, etc. Also, the great location makes it easy to get anywhere you want.



I have to say, I am satisfied with facilities, which we can find here like good internet connection or non-problem hot water and power supplies except for the food, which you have to provide by yourself, however you always get a credit card for grocery shopping, so as a result it’s not bad. Although there are often heating problems. Not always it is too bad but someday it is 16 degrees celsius on morning and its not nicely to wake up to this. But on the other hand, I must point out that I do not suffer here.


Transport localition

As I mentioned, the great location of my home makes it pretty easy to get anywhere you want. Near the house there is both a train and a bus station like about 10 minutes away. Parking is directly opposite the front door and you can always park here, as it is often empty.



To sum up, it may be concluded that my house would be dreamed accommodation for all tourists which could be here, if it was possible. If only they dont mind cold.

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