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Otázka: Daily routine

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): chochy



My daily routine and my dream day (Monday- Friday)

I usually get up around half past six because I must go to school. After I get up I go to the toilet.. Then I go to the bathroom,There I wash my face, brush my teeth and do my hair and then I have a breakfast. Then I get dressed. I like wearing jeans and some T-shirt but it depends on the weather.  At  7:15 I go to school.  My way to school is about 20 minutes long. At 7:35 I am in locker room, about 7:45  I prepare on my lessons. We have  six lessons every day. At 9:35 – 9:50 we have snack break and  I drink coffee. Sometimes it is boring. My favourite subjects are psychology and pedagogy. So we leave school at 13:35, some of us have lunch in school dinning room. After school I usually go to shop, because I need to buy something to eat on next day. After shopping I go to our flat, where I am with my free classmate. Mostly I came about 14:45 there. I make some food and I go watching tv.  Then I do my homeworks and learn to school. I sometimes have a doze. About 17:30 wake up and I have to do my homeworks.  At 18:30 I do my dinner and  me with my friends watching on seriál „ Ulice“. At 19:30 I have a shower, usually I am i the bath, there I read my favourite book. After I brush my teeth and I wash off. Me and my friend Niki watch on film. About 22:00 we go to sleep. We sometimes talk long time.



I ussualy get at half past nine,  after t get up  I go to the toilet, then I have breakfast, then I finish my breakfast I go to the bathroom, there I wash my face and brush my teeth and do my hair. About 10:00 I take my rabbit Meny and we frolic abou one hour.

At 11:00-12:00 I cook lunch with my mum, after  we have family lunch. About 13:00 I do my homeworks and I paint pictures, then I go outside with my friends. Later I watch TV and drink a coffee with my dad. Every Saturday  afternoon I go swim to sport hall.

On Sunday afternoon we visit my grandmum and my granddad and their dog, his name is Angelo. At home  I play with my pet. We sometimes go to cimena in Brno or Jihlava. I love cinema. I love watching horror films. On Evening  I learn and pack my clothes to our flat. On Sunday I go to sleep about 21:30, because on Monday I wake up early.


My dream day

I would like to have my dream day in Dubai. I want go there on my holiday. I would like be in nice hotel on the beach. I would like to wake up at 8:30 and make morning rituals (wash up my face, brush teeth, do my hair). After it I would dressed and go on breakfast, there will cold buffet with a lot of food. I would like it all inclusive. There will many coctails and alcohol free. At 10:00 we would like go to see. I would like to swim and snorkling in the sea and during it drinking coctails. At 12 to 13 I would like got to lunch, where I could choose from eight meals. After lunch I would like to go to room and relax there some times. About 15:00 i would like go back to sea swim, snorkling and play some water game or beach volleyball. About 18:00 I would like go back to room and I have shower. After it I would like to go on dinner with some music and drinks. Then I would like have some evening program. It could be some fire show and then disco with great drinks. I would like to go sleep about 1:00 am. It would be one of my dream day.

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