My daily routine – maturitní otázka



Otázka: My daily routine

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Terka



I usually get up at 5 o´clock. It is very early, but I must commute to my school about 1,5 hour. Every Monday morning I attend course of Latin so I wake up at 4 am. But at the weekends I usually sleep till lunch because I need to sleep in.


In weekdays after I wake up must stay in my bed maybe for 5 minutes because I need to recover myself from my dreams. Then I feed my dwarf rabbit who live with me in my bedroom. I put on some clothes, but I usually prefer jeans and some T-shirts. I go downstairs and go to the toilet. Then I greet my mum and and she makes morning tea for us. When I drink my cup of tea I continue to the bathroom. There I wash my face, brush teeth and comb my hair. I always wear ponytails. After that I normally make up my face, it depends on my mood. I také my snack, which was prepared from my mother, and get dressed. When it is cold, I have to wear a jumper and a jacket.Then I have to go to the bus stop which is fortunately located about 500 metres from my house. I go by bus about ten minutes. Then I am in Šumperk and there I have immediately catch my train. The way lasts about 65 minutes. Then, in Šternberk I go 20 minutes on foot.


I arrive to my school just before the bell, I get undress my jacket and change my shoes. After that I rush to my class which is on the second floor. At corridors I usually meet my classmates, teachers and our new headteacher. Our first lesson starts 5 minutes to eight and every lesson lasts 45 minutes. My favourite school subjects Biology and Chemistry because I am really interested in science. I love this school because people there are very kind and friendly. On the other hand I think that it is qiute difficult school because we have many pieces of homework and lot of things what we have to learn. But according to me is´t great because we will be prepare for our next studies. Our school average ends at 13.20, but two days in a week we have afternoon classes, I don´t like that because everybody is tired and bored. We také a break for lunch at 14.00.


I always také my train, which comes to Šumperk at 15.20, with my friend Veronika. We together catch our bus to Rapotín because she lives in the same village as me. It is very big advantage for me because when I need help with learning she´s always close to me.

In the afternoons when I have time like walking with my dogs, meeting with friends or helping my mother in our big garden. Sometimes I have to look after my younger sister Caroline, cook dinner for my family or go to some supermarkets for food. Every 3 days I care about my grandmother who is 84. She needs to clean her flat, cook some meal or shop something in a market becuse she can´t stand on her legs. But the most important thing is that she needs to talk with me, because she lives alone and she is not able to meet another people.


In the evening I must learn to school and it is sometime very bad because I am always tired due to getting up early. But it is my obligation and school is very important for me because in my future I want to study veterinary.


Before I go to bed (it is usually at midnight) I normally have a shower and do my ordinary hygiene. I sometimes talk about the next day with my mother. I feed my dog and after these responsibilities I go finally sleep. I rarely read tabloids or book before I fall a sleep. And my last thing what I have to do is that I set the alarm clock, which is on my bedside table, to 5 o´clock.

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