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Otázka: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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Short introduction:

I choosed this book, because i saw a musical and i liked it. I was curious, if this book is the same like the musical.



Dual personality Dr. Jekyll, the dark side and the bright side


The story is set in old London. The conscientious physician Henry Jekyll, who is about to get married to Emma tries in the human soul to separate good from evil, as he had promised his father on his deathbed. The whole experiment he turns into Dr. Jekyll and good becomes evil and ruthless killer – Mr. Edward Hyde. From the beginning, Hyde appears rarely. With further experimentation with the Hyde appears not only at night but during the day. Gradually kill off the entire hospital (they were all against his experimentation), where he works as a doctor. When the bachelor party gets into a brothel, where she meets a prostitute Lucy, who develops a love with at first sight. He gives her his card – like Dr. Jekyll. One day, Lucy rushes for Jekyll and begging for help. She said her brothel visits every night a mysterious man who calls himself Edward Hyde. Jekyll treated her injuries, which caused her to Hyde. He realizes how serious the situation is like Jekyll and sends Lucy after his servant sum of money along with a letter in which she begs to leave London and start a new life somewhere else. Lucy was initially sad that she never wants to see Jekyll and later moved by her love Jekyll reflected and contributed to a new life, prepares for departure. Unexpectedly, she will visit Mr. Hyde. He blames her that she wanted to go and he does not even say that. Lucy shackles on the bed and kills her throat undercut. Emma Henry visited him at home because he stopped communicating with the surroundings and is closed all day in his laboratory. She’s weird, but Henry believes. During the wedding ceremony, Jekyll will reincarnate into Hyde. Emma’s father intervenes, but Hyde marry Emma hostage. She wakes him from Hyde element declaration of love. At that moment, Jekyll realizes that the only deliverance for him is death and commits suicide in front of the altar.



main character:

Dr. Jekyll – selfless, kind, caring, generous

Mr. Hyde – cruel, spiteful, has a desire to kill


My opinion:

I liked this book, but I liked the musical more. This book is easy to read. I had read it over the weekend. Sometimes I was scared, so I read this book during the day.



Robert Louis Stevenson was born in Edinburg, in Scotland, in 1850. His father was an engineer, and in 1867 Robert went to Edinburgh university to study engineering himself. However, he soon found that engineering did not interest him. He trained to be a lawyer instead, but in fact he had already decided to be a writer. Stevenson liked to travel, although much of the time his health was poor. Robert wrote travel books, shorts stories, essays and novels. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, another of this famous titles, became a popular play and has also been filmed many times.



The book includes explanations of words, which we do not understand. At the end of the book quiz. The book is written in the stage 4 (1400 headwords). Bookworms provide enjoyable reading in english at six language stages, and offer a wide range of fiction, both classic and modern.


Eva Bittnerová, GML

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