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Otázka: The book + National Theatre

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): tCZ



The book

  • The reading of book is often favourite free-time activity
  • Each year millions of books are written, sold a read.
  • Favourite because its information, advice and pleasure.
  • Can be read while travelling to school/work, durink the breaks or  during waiting for a consultation with our GP


We can divite to:

  • non-fiction books ->  for information (textbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, biographies, autobiographies, memories, travel/history/art books and cookery books).
  • fiction books -> imaginary people or events
    • Poetry (poems by famous poets) and prose (red tales, novellas, romances science fiction, crime novels, mysteries, westerns, thrillers or historical novels).
  • Every year the Nobel prize is awarded to writer whose work with fiction is a unique literary acheavement. Nobel Prize winners: E. Hamingway, J. Steinbeck.
  • Books can be bougth or borrowed from a library.
  • In libraries you can find almost any book you need.
  •  Free of charge or only for a small fee for early membership.
  • You can ask the librarian to recommend a good book.

National Theatre

  • Is not only the beuatiful bulding in neo-renaissance edifice on the bank of the Vltava River.
  • Administrates the famous Estate Theatre
  • Three artistic esembles: opera, drama, ballet -> everyone can find something to please…
  • Symbol of Czech freedom -> people from all social levels contibuted to fund to build it.
    • The first stone was laid on 16th May 1868.
    • Opened in 1881 and in the same year it cought fire.
    • After 47 days people cellected  one million florins -> opened again in 1883.
      • 18th November  with Smetana’s Libuše.
      • Architects: Zítek, after fire – Schulz and Schnirch (The trias on the roof)
      • Interior: Štursa, Kafka, Hynais (curtain -> 11mx11m), Ženíšek
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