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Otázka: Driving licence

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Veru



I think that teenege drivers should be more answerable. They are rash and it is pricipal couse of accidents. I think that sixteen and seventeen  is low age for driving. In Czech Republic you had to be eighteen to be able to drive. Teenagers want to show off and they go fast. I suppose that nineteen-year-old driver could be considerate and more careful than younger drivers.

I think that dangerous driving is a big problem relating teenage drivers. They go fast and irresponsibly. They go fast into turns because they want to attract other people’s attention. I hate when someone sits behind the wheel drunk, crapulous or drugged. I think that person who have a problem with alcohol shouldn’t drive. It’s right when they lose their driving licence.

Some pensioners are not able to drive, too. Their speed limit is 40km/h everywhere. It’s annoying when you go behind this type of people. It could be couse of traffic jam.

Teenagers should have more practice driving lessons to gain experience and they should be accompanied by parents.

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