Drugs – maturitní otázka z angličtiny

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Otázka: Drugs

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Karolína



Drugs are chemical or nature substance. Drugs may be a legal or illegal. In legal drugs are pills, coffee, nicotine and alcohol . Nicotine and alcohol are legal but we must have 18 years old. Coffee should be from fifteen. Other countries are regarded alcohol and nicotine as drugs, but in the Czech Republic it is normal. We can see kids smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol which has twelve years old.

Drugs may be soft Marijuana, Hashish, alcohol,  Coffee, Nicotine

Or hard: Ecstasy, Heroin, Cocaine, LSD, Psilocybin, morphine, methamphetamine, toluene


People begin using drugs for various reasonsPsychical reason because  When I haven’t got drugs i have seizures. Or psychological reason for example when I take drugs a feel happy and stronger. Or social reason for example I have friend and my friend using drugs  and I want to be drowned.

Drugs my be using  – drunking for example alchohol, aeting- lsd  injecting-pervitin, smouking- cigarets or mariuhanna, sniffing- kokain, inheling- toulen

Each of the drugs can occur overdose Effects – for example  at stimulant  give a energy it can be coffein or nicotine

Sedativs– you feel free, happy, stronger there are analgesics, barbituráty.

Halucinogens– it mashroom you feel as pardiese, and you feel extra strong bud someone may have bad halucinogetion someone can have bad hallucination and the end can be very bad. for example dead.

Mariuhanna. You feel  free, supple somet someone may have bad halucinogetion and they can vomit.

Solvents– when people using solvents they are very slowly their react are slowly too. long term use of solvents causes dementia.

Smouking– People ussaly smouk when they feel stress. Smouking causes hard attack, lung cancer, blood presure

Alcohol– peole which drinking very day he may have problém with stromach, kidneys and liver cirrhosis

When people using drugs with injecting they may gave hiv, aids, infection and jaundice.


Prevention there are 3 times.

  • Primary– Here it is important to inform. For example peer program  for  example teenager comes to the claas where are teenagers and he or she speak  about drugs. Teenagers  understand better from peers.
  • Secondary– treatment it a finish. People learn live without drugs
  • Tercial– hard redaction programs  people dont want to stop with drugs and tercial preventis Tertiary prevention is there to protect the public. For example dr in sananim There are changes inciting people get the vitamins, clothing, bandages, plasters,definfection,  condom and  pregnancy test.


TreatmensDetox on detox come people which wanting to get the drug from the body. It takes one to two weeks. It very hard, people has hallucinations, temperature, vomiting, sweating.

Another is treatment with subutex or replacent  it u subsatnce wich writes doctor. compensation helps people stop with drugs..

Residential or imaptien– pacient live in residential and they must come on community, they have daily rutine, terapy. It takes six months to a year and the ¨finish  is to learn to live without drugs learn work and live ordinary.

Out patien– it a ambulatory. People go to therapy twice a week, for example behavioralni terapy.

NGO it a centre NGO it is  a help for people and it is  free there are  k centrum, drop in, sananim


Stage of addiction

  • Experimentatioén- my friend using drogs and i have and I want to be drowned. It a very stup reason.
  • Regular use for example a have dose kokaine every weekend. I I take drugs regularly
  • Spent a lot of money a have got work a havent got money a must steal
  • Dependets- a need it. I can not live without drugs

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