Family, flat, household – maturitní otázka



Otázka: Family, flat, household

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Karolína Novak



My family

I live with my family in a block of flat. Our family is quite small.


My father’s name is Petr and he is forty-two years old. He works as a Manager of Production. He is slim and tall, he has got short straight black hair. My father doesn’t like travelling. He study at the University of Ekonomy.


My mother’s name is Lenka and she is forty-three years old. She works in Czech Hydrometeorological Institute as a Operator.  She is tall like me and slim, she has got very long straight black hair. She loves reading and watching TV. Her favorite author is  Agatha Christie. I don´t have any brothers or sisters.


Next I have a 1 uncle and 2 aunts, two grandmothers and one grandfather. My mother’s parents are old age pensioners and live in a block of flats.


At home I often help my parents. I help with washing up, cleaning the house, vacuuming and shopping.

My family is very important to me. My parents are very friendly and nice although sometimes they are tired and become moody or sad. But I can rely on them and they always help me. My family is a model family for me. They have common hobbies as well as individual ones. But they

respect each other and are tolerant enough. In the future I would like to have family like is my.


My home

I live with my parents in a three – room flat in Prague 5. Our flat is situated on the forth floor.

Our block of flats we live in is ugly outside but our flat is comfortable and lovely inside. It,s quite small but conveniences conform to modern standards. If you want to visit our family, first you must ring the bell and then enter. Our entrance hall is small and there are many doors leading to each rooms. You must leave your coat on coat hanger and then I can show you round our flat. Most of the time we spend in the living room.  It is because we there TV set.


So let,s go first to the kitchen. It,s my kingdom. I cook and prepare various delicious meals there. Our kitchen is well equipped with a fridge, freezer, oven and sink. Our kitchen is small but light because there is a big window decorated with curtains.


And now something about our living room. Our living room is quite large. We can enter it by two doors. One of them leads to the hall and the second to kitchen. We spend our evenings here. We can either watch TV or listen to music, sitting on a sofa  which is situated round the wall or on the armchairs. When I’m at home, I usually spend my free-time working on my computer. I used to play games, but now I really have no time for playing. I help my mother with keeping  the flat clean and tidy.


Next room of our flat is children,s room. I used to share this room with my sister, but she lives with her boyfriend nowadays. This room is furnished with cabinets, wardrobe, a chair with desk on which I write my homework and prepare for school and two beds. Every day after waking up I must make my bed and air the room. I have one small plant on my table, many photos and many posters on the walls.  Opposite the window there is a small bookcase.


On the second hall there are a toilet and bathroom with a large bath and basin.


I like our flat because it´s my home. But in my future I´d like to have my own house to live in. I don’t exactly know how it will look like, but I can say I won’t live in a block of flats. I dream about large villa with big garden, situated not in the centre of city. But there must be good traffic connections to the city-centre.


British house 

Let me say a few words about British homes. English have several typical kinds of homes. Terraced houses are usually found in inner cities. They’re built in long rows each house attached to the ones on either sides.


Semi-detached houses are situated in suburbs. Each house is part of a pair and is joined on one side to its partner. They usually have small front and back well kept gardens.


Detached house stands by itself, usually with a garden all around it. These houses are much more expansive than Semi-detached houses and are often owned by professional people. Much detached houses are to be found in affluent suburbs or in the ‘green belt’ – a strip of protected open countryside ‘round a city, where no industrial development  are allowed.

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