Family – maturitní otázka z angličtiny


Otázka: Family

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): tCZ



Usually a group of people consisting of one or two parenst and their children related by blood.

Living in the family is very important. It has infuence to us and form our character.

  • Parents take care of us.
  • Family supports us when we need it.
  • Parents learn us all the skills that we need -> be tolerant, selfdisciplined, polite and helpful.
  • Mum and dad are the people that are the closest to us.
  • Family has got the economical function too.
    • Family get together on special occasions like weddings, graduation ceremonies, birthdays and funerals.
    • Family gathering is a unique social occasion and most people love it, because they can see whole family and have the chance to talk with cousins, uncles or grandparents.


As member of the family, we have got different relationships.

  • The relationship with our parenst is special, because we live with them and we have to respect and obey them. They are much closer to us.
  • Relationships with grandparents is similar, but there is one big defference, they are not responsible for us. We do not live with them and most of us see them once or twice a month so they are not as close as our parents.
  • Being a member of a family means duties, such as cleaning, working in the garden or taking out the rubbish. Doughters usually help their mothers in the kitchem. Boys usually help their fathers with household repairs. A division of the households is very important for the stability of the family.
  • The worst time for parents is often when thei children turn thirteen and bocome teenagers.
    • Teenagers spend much of their free time with their friends, prefer making their own decisions.
    • They complain that their parents do not understand them and interfere in their business.
    • Parents think that children do not respect adults, are impolite, rude and lazy -> there is a generation gap that is existing for hundreds of years. Probably the only solution is a kind of compromise.
    • Parends should try to bulid friendly relationship and kids should talk with their parents and try to find solutions together.
  • Many children grow up in the broken  families sometimes called boken home. They live in a single-parent family only with dad or mum because their parents are divorced or one parent died. Many children live with stepparents and life for them is very difficult because of emotionally and financially side. unfortunately the divorce rate is rising, so more and more children live in families that cannot help them with their teenage problems.
    • However one day every child becomes an adult, falls in love, gets married and creates  a new family.
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