Culture life – maturitní otázka



  Otázka: Culture life

  Jazyk: Angličtina

  Přidal(a): Adriana Hlávková




  • Culture is a source of knowledge, education, experience and fun. It is important part of everyone’s life because it helps us to form our personalities and to let us know something new about our world.



  • Literature is a traditional part of culture, which is really important for us, because thanks to the books, we all can read. We divide it in two parts – poetry and prose. I think that prose is more popular nowadays, especially among the young generation, because sometimes is hard for us to think about the meaning behind all those verses. Poetry is beautiful, but you must have a special sense for reading it just to understand it.
  • I know that many people prefer to read e-books than reading a regular book -it loses the magic when you can feel the book, literally. We have many genres of books and my absolutely favourite are fantasy, sci-fi or detective books and for me, J. K. Rowling, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Lewis Carol are wonderful writers.



  • Some people prefer watching movies to reading books. According to their opinion it is much better than reading because you can see what the person does or the countryside all around him and you mustn’t read about it for the whole chapter. Ok, I get it, but I still think sometimes it’s better to read a book because you probably won’t find everything important in the movie. That’s the reason why I prefer to watch movies that are not based on books or read it before/after the movie. But I really love going to the cinema – for example Marvel Universe movies are incredible to watch on that large screen with 3D glasses and special effects.



  • Series are really popular nowadays, thanks to the most common TV programme – Netflix. You can find there a plenty of series of many genres and it’s spread worldwide, mostly among teenagers. But the biggest disadvantage is that you must pay for it. I know it’s the right thing because you support the creators of the series and the platform, but I and a lot of my friends, we still watch the series online on some free websites. My favourite sitcoms are Friends, How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory, then Sherlock BBC and from Netflix I love Black Mirror, The Witcher and Riverdale.



  • Theatre definitely belongs to culture and I think everyone should visit it once for a life. It is something special and beautiful. You can wear some elegant clothes and enjoy so much fun. It only depends on your taste what kind of performance you’ll choose. You can go to see some tragedy or comedy, ballet or even some musical – I’m a huge fan of musicals because I always dreamed about becoming a musical star – and I secretly still hope that someday I could make my dreams come true.



  • No matter how much we want to or not, music is part of our lives. We listen to it every day in the radio or in our mobile phone when we commute to school, for example. It is our friend during our bad or good mood and it can help us to get over some stress situations.
  • I think people should see playing orchestra because these musicians are so talented and it must be so difficult to practice all those beautiful instrumental songs. But sometimes it is also amazing to see our favourite solo artist or a band live at the concert.
  • Well, nowadays, everybody thinks they can produce music but I don’t think so. When you sing, you should definitely take some singing lessons to learn some useful advice how to hit a high note or take piano lessons to improve your skills. I think education for musicians is also very important.
  • I am so happy I started to attend the music school eleven years ago. Thanks to the singing lessons I stopped being shy among people when I have a performance and I also learned so many useful things, which I hope someday I could share it with other music students as a teacher of music.
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