Shopping, fashion and clothing – otázka z angličtiny

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Otázka: Shopping, fashion and clothing

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Edwan



Obecný vztah k nakupování

Well I will start talking about shopping. Shopping is everyday activity of each of us.  Personally I don’t mind doing shopping. I usually go shopping with my family on the weekends, we u buy basic food in supermarkets. I also buy clothes with my sister 4 times in the year in bigger cities such us Karlovy Vary or Praha. We both enjoy it and we have a lot of fun, but my sister sometimes annoys me when she would like to buy everything but at the end she buys only one thing. Doing shopping with my sister takes lot of time it is very tiring but I like it. I usually buy clothes in department stores.


Druhy obchodů a zboží + porovnání supermarketů a menších obchodů

Nowadays we have advantage that we have bigger choice of goods than my parents who lived in the time of comunism. Despite of wide range of goods  there are lot of goods which  are not quality. Most of them are produced in Asia, but they are cheap so people buy it.

As I said there is wide range of goods so we have many shops in every city. When we need to buy food we can go to supermarket or grocer’s. If  we prefer fresh food  we go to butcher’s, bakery or delicatessen.  People who  would like to buy clothes, sports equipment or electronics usually go to deparment stores, which are located in big cities.


Srovnání velkého obchodu s malými

Department store is big building with many shops. It is composed of many floors. It is good doing shopping in the department store, because you can buy here everything (clothes, shoes, electronics, books…) in one day. If you are hungry, you can stay in one building and go to restaurant or café.However department stores are crowded very often so doing shoping could be tiring and uncomfortable. If you need a specific thing it is better to buy it in small shops, but a choice could be smaller than in department store.


Internetový nákup

The other possible way of shopping is internet shopping. A lot of people like it because it’s very comfortable, you sit at home and choose what you would like to buy. Although many products are cheap there are disadvantages of internet shopping. For example when you buy clothes you can ‘t  try on and you don’t see what you buy.


Role prodavačů a pokladních + vliv reklamy

Now I will tell you something about important influences on customer.

Important aspect of comfortable shopping is staff  in shops. Pleasant shop assistant help you with  your demand and introduce you the newest products.

Next are advertisements, which surround us everywhere.  Advertisements try to persuade customers  that certain product can make their lives better, so customer usually buy it. Majority of companies  focuses on children who are easily influenced. In my opinion government should restrict advertising (f.e. TV), because it’s annoying and 70 % of advertisements are not true.


Clothing – se kdy nosí

Now something about clothing. One of the most important factors in how people see each other is the clothes they wear. This is especially important to teenagers. Their clothes express the image they want to project. Some people choose clothes and colours according to their feeling and mood.

What to wear also depends on weather conditions. If it’s colder outside I wear a sweater or light jacket. In winter I wear a winter coat, gloves and scarf. In summer I like to wear light shorts, t-shirts.

For special occasions like balls, weddings or theatre performances we should choose formal clothes. Women usually wear a dress or a blouse and a skirt, a pair of stockings or tights and shoes. They also might wear an evening dress. Women have many more choices about decorative items. Men usually wear for these special occasions a suit, a shirt and tie or bow tie and patent shoes.


Fashion , vliv mody, časopisu na mládež.

Now something about fashion. I think fashion is part of everyone’s life. Each of us has different attitude to fashion. Somebody follows every new trend and must be always fashionable and somebody has his own style. In my opinion present fashion prefer retro-style, I mean most of girls copy fashion from 1980. Personally I like it. Favourite types of jeans are slim, which copy hippie style.

Surely there are some negatives about fashion. Fashion magazines show models with perfect body and many girls try to look like models. I think there is pressure on young girls who don’t realize that these photos are modified by using photoshop. It is dangerous because girl don’t eat to achieve ideal body and it can cause dinase such as anorexia.

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