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Otázka: Mass Media

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  • Mass media like for example newspapers, radio or television -> important for us -> we have used to them -> without media most of us would get bored -> our lives would seem empty.
  • Important because :  available, cheap and complex source of information -> through media we can learn about the word around us, new technologies or unique achievements.
  • People like to read newspapers, journals and magazines – > we want to be informed and get the latest news so a lot of people buy newspapers early in the morning


  • national x local (morning x evening)
  • serious (objective and serious)x tabloids=rags(entertaining, gossip about famous people)
    • Interesting that tabloids are often more popular
  • weekday x weekend (published only at weekends)
  • There is different sort of articles in newspapers  – for example: economics, politics, sport or social life.
  • Published every day ->called daily


  • published once a week/month, bring international and national news, contain various articles and stories.
  • Can be written for:
    • people with special hobbies like photography, gardening, cars
    • Different ages -> for example magazines for teenagers
    • Genders  -> magazines for boys/girls …
    • Journals -> serious magazines written by experts in that field like doctors, scientists or teachers
    • Some people do not like reading newspapers or think that it is too expensive to buy a newspaper everyday can listen to the radio-> cheap, news are read by presenter and there is also a lot of good music.Variety of radio programmes to chose from:
      • News programmes, weather forecasts, chat shows (famous people talk about themselves and answer listeners’s questions), educational programmes, quiz shows, morning shows (news+what time is,songs, jokes), phone-in programmes or documentaries.
      • Radio is very popular and we can listen to it and no matter what we are doing ( cooking, painting).

Television is the most popular source of information for people at present.

  • Many people spend most of their free-time watching TV.
  • There is many programmes too -> News programmes, quiz shows, documentaries, educational programmes and also soap operas, sitcoms, films and cartoons.
  • There is wide selection of TV channels so at any time of a day you can find a programme you want to watch.
  • Today is very important especially for young people an internet, where everyone can find everything in second. Next advantage is that you can find there online televison, radio and newspapers too.
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