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Health is the most important thing in our lives – everyone knows it, but when we are healthy, we usually don’t appreciate it – we realize it when we or some of our close relatives is ill.

We have illnesses minor and serious. Minor illnesses are flu, sorethroat, stomachache, headache, backache and serious illnessses are cancer, pnemounia, heart diease, dry skin, stroke – cancer is incurable.


– The best way to stay fit and healthy is to have a healthy lifestyle – we should practise some sport, enough sleep and eat healthy foods with lots of vitamins – we shouldn’t smoke or drink much alcohol.

– Prevention is very important and plays a big role in our health – everybody should go to a regular check-up every year.

– It is also important to visit a dentist regularly, at least twice a year – school children are invited by the school dentist – but adults have to plan their visit individually.

– Small children are regularly vaccinated against various illnesses such as tuberculosis or other childhood diseases which can be very dangerous when they grow up


Next is addiction. People can be addicted to some things, for example chocolate, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, candies and I don´t think that addictions on something is good for people. It is unhealty too. People who are addicted to a chocolate can be fat and this isn´t good for a body. Then we have people who are allergic. Allergic can be to pollen, dust, chocolate, hair of animals and this is really dangerous sometimes, people have runny nose or they can choke. When we are unhealthy we must go to the doctor for check-up. Doctor give our some prescription to tablets or pills and we must go to pharmacy with prescriptions and this tablets buy.  Then we go home and we must stay in a bed with hot tea for example and relax. Some people are disabled and this mean that they can´t use their body completely. We can suffer from various illnesses beginning with common childhood diseases such as: measles, chicken-pox or mumps. But you can have much more serious diseases like a cancer or AIDS. Many people died of cancer and AIDS every year.


We also can damage some our organs, but we can protect our organs if we will be live healthy, we won´t smoke, drink alcohol, be in a stress, and of course don´t take a drugs. If we want live long life we should drink only water, eat vegetables, fruit, some meal, go sleep early every day, take some vitamins and have a control of yourself.

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