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  Otázka: Housing and Living

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Most of the world´s population live in cities, but there are countries in the world where people have no place to live.

We have many kinds of housing in the world. In the cities, most people live in apartments in blocks of flats. On the other hand in small towns and villages, people usually live in family houses. The advantage of living in a family house is privacy, garden and large space for living. The disadvantage is the price. Buying a house is quite expensive.  The opposite is living in apartments, which can be cheaper, but people don´t have much privacy and usually have no land.


My house

I live in a house with my parents. It’s a small family house with garden. There are several rooms in the house. My room, bedroom, kitchen connected to the living room, bathroom and guest room. I have a big window in my room that gives me enough light in my room.

Livingroom is the biggest room in our house and we spend our evenings there. In this room we watch TV, read books and have a rest. Our living room is furnished with couch, large table with 4 chairs. There is also TV, stereo and lot of plants. The walls are decorated with many pictures and the floor is covered with a brown carpet.

Kitchen is connected to Livingroom and there is everything we need for cooking. It is equipped with an electric oven, fridge, freezer, microwave and a dishwasher. There are cups, glasses, plates, bowls, pots, pans, knives, forks, spoons, etc. in the kitchen cabinets..

I like our house because it’s my home. But in the future I would like to have my own flat or house. In the beginning a small flat will be good enough, maybe somewhere in the city centre. But later when I have my own family, I would like to have a nice house with a large garden and a fireplace.

I’d rather live in a city, because there are a lot of disadvantages when you live in the countryside. First of all, our village is so small, that there are no shops, no pubs and no cultural activities. Furthermore, we have to commute to school and the bus connection isn’t very good. Especially in winter is it very difficult. And, of course, everyone knows everything about everybody. But there are also many positives about living in a village. The best thing is the nature. Moreover, you have the possibility of growing your own vegetables and fruit and having pets or raising farm animals.


Housing in Britain

I would like to say something about housing in Britain. Most of the houses in Britain are owned by people who live in them. Buildings are usually made of red bricks or stone. British house has 2 floors and 4 to 6 rooms. On the ground floor there are a living room, a dining room, a kitchen and a hall. Upstairs there are a bathroom, a toilet and bedrooms for parents and children. There can also be a guestroom. British have 2 gardens – one of them is in front of the house, it’s quite small and actually only for decoration, that’s why there are a lot of flowers. Back gardens are much bigger, there are trees and it’s good for having parties or barbecue.

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