Weather and Seasons – otázka z angličtiny (2)

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Otázka: Weather and Seasons

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): martina_ottis



In our country the weather changes in the course of the year. But in some places in the world there are no changes in weather at all. There are three main climatic zones on the Earth – the tropical, moderate and the arctic zone. Our republic lies in the mild zone. There are four seasons of the year- spring, summer, autumn and winter.


The seasons of the year:

SPRING begins on 21st March. Nature begins to awake from its long winter sleep. Nights get shorter and days get longer. There is more sunshine and it becomes warmer and warmer. Snow melts. Rivers and ponds swell. There may be floods. It is raining very often. After the rain we can see a rainbow. It is caused by the reflection of the sun´s rays in the falling drops. There´s often slush and mud everywhere.

Vegetation, especially grass grows very quickly, because there´s more sunshine and a lot of rain. Grass is green, you can go to the countryside and enjoy the fresh green colour. Soon in gardens the first flowers appear: snowdrops, snowflakes, daffodils, dandelions, violets, tulips.

Birds such as swallows, starlings and larks come back from the south. They sing their wedding songs, build nests and have babies. Other animals have their babies, too – lambs, foals, chickens, kittens are born.

The weather in April is changeable and unpredictable. The temperatures are often below zero at night, but days are often quite warm. Sometimes it is raining, it can be snowing. After a while sun may be shining again. You should take your umbrella with you if you don´t want to get wet.


SUMMER: June 21st is the date when summer begins. It is often hot, the temperatures rise up to 30°C. The heat may be sometimes unbearable. Students have two mounts holidays in summer. That´s wonderful time. You can do whatever you want, you have much free time. People go swimming, sunbathing, travel abroad, go to the seaside.

The weather is very sultry and dry. No wind blows, it´s sunny and calm. But suddenly a storm may come. The sky is overcast, it gets dark and the temperature drops a little and a storm is coming very easily. The wind starts to blow. It changes into a strong wind. Then there´s a crash of thunder and a flash of lightning in the sky. It starts raining very heavily. It may be hailing, too. If you are out, you get wet to the skin immediately. After the storm a rainbow may appear, too.

Summer is the time for berries. People can collect strawberries, bilberries, raspberries, currant. Some people like mushrooming, too.

For many people summer is the favourite season of the year. They go on their holidays, enjoy the nice weather. Days are long and you can be out in the evening. People enjoy walking, sitting outside with friends.


AUTUMN: On the 23rd of September autumn comes. At the beginning of September children have to go to school again. The nice weather breaks although we can still enjoy fine days of Indian summer. It’s the time of harvest, we pick apples, pears and plums. It´s the time of vintage, too. People gather grapes and produce wine. The sun sets earlier and rises later, so days get shorter and shorter. Leaves turn yellow and red. It is often overcast a bit and wind blows.

Children fly kites. In autumn the weather is unsettled, the sky is often cloudy, it usually doesn´t clear up by day and it rains a lot. Deciduous trees such as maples, beeches, ashes shed their leaves and by the beginning of November they are bare. Grass turns yellow and dry. Mornings are dull, it may be foggy, it looks like rain. It may drizzle, too. Autumn is the season of wet and chilly days. People don´t like such weather at all. Some are depressed, in bad moods, they are tired. They refer to the weather as awful, nasty and sad. It gets colder and colder, the temperature gets lower.


WINTER comes on December 21st, but it often begins earlier. Typical winter weather brings snowfall, wind and frost. Sometimes the wind piles up snowdrifts along the roads. Children can make snowmen, throw snowballs, they enjoy sledging, skating and skiing. Temperature sometimes drops to 20°C below zero. The roads become icy and slippery.


Weather in Britain is very changeable. People never know what tomorrow´s weather will be like. It rains a lot. It´s foggy very often. The climate is milder than other European countries. It is influenced by the Gulf Stream. It brings damp and warmer climate. That is why the pastures and meadows are green all the year round. Cattle and sheep are bred there.

Weather is popular topic for conversation. It´s good to start talking about the weather if you want to take up with somebody.

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