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The human body is constantly being attacked by many different kinds of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. Thanks to the progress in medicine and technology we are able to prevent, control and treat many diseases so we can help ourselves to be fit, healthy and what is most important – alive.


What to do to keep healthy?

Our health mostly rely on our lifestyle and the best way to avoid health problems is prevention.

We should:

  • practise, do some sports
    • it’s not necessary to do some boring exercises, playing some sports game two times a week is enough and moreover — it can be fun
  • eat healthy
    • avoid fat and junk food from fastfoods, eat more fruit and vegetables, eat regularly
  • sleep sufficiently
    • eight to nine hours of sleep for adult
  • be in the fresh air
  • avoid stress, cigarettes, drugs and so on
  • positive attitude to life


  • Everybody in our counry has the right to choose a doctor and many people go to one family doctor. At present two types of health facilities operate in this country:state ones and private ones.
  • Medical care in our contry is provided for our citizens from birth to death.
  • We can also improve our natural defence system with vaccines. A vaccine is an antigenic preparation used to establish immunity to a disease. We are ussualy vaccinated preventively mostly against some ordinary children’s diseases during our childhood although It’s not bad idea to get vaccinated against other diseases especially when you go abroad. After birht each child is vaccinated agains such ilnesses as tuberculosis, diptheria, tetanus, whooping cough, polio and later smallpox. Due to vaccination and better hygiene these ilnesses have either disappeared or are not fatal any more.
  • Each school child is under medical supervision which means that he or she has to undergo a series of preventive medical and dental check ups where his body is examinated, his teeth checked and eyesight checked.


Health care for adult

When we grow out of our children’s deseases such as a cold, otitis,measles,mumps, rubeol or chicken-pox we not have to go to the doctor so often. If we are not hypochondriacs we try to get over our cold easily by standing in bed, taking pilss, keeping warm, sweating, garling and drinking herbal tea with honey or lemon. But sometimes if a patient is trying to overcome a feverish sickness without staying in bed and curing it properly, he takes a risk, as the ilness often leaves very dangerous aftereffects.


Seeing a doctor

If we still feel unwell, we finally decide to see a physician who is called a General Practitioner(GP). It’s better to make appointment with the doctor in his surgery time(during his office hours) if we want to avoid long waiting in the waiting room which is often crowded. The nurse say: “Next, please and invite us into the consulting room. The nurse has to look for our medical record and wants to see our insurance card and then takes our temperature. Then we are ready to enter the surgery (consulting room).


Doctor’s examination

The doctor usually asks what the trouble is and its not good to hold back information. Then he asks us to strip to the waist because he or she must examine our chest and throat. The doctor wants to know if we have a temperature, a good appetite and where we feel pain. Then he or she listens to our lungs and heard and we have to take a deep breath or stop breathing according to his orders. Sometimes he or she check the blood pressure and feels the pulse or takes the blood count. Finally the doctor diagnosis the case and prescribes some medicine. At the chemists (pharmacy) we get antibiotocs, vitamines, pain relievers or some herbal tee.

In more serious cases or if we get injured we can call the doctor to our room. Sometimes we may be taken to hospital by an ambulance. In case of unconsciousness or heart attack the patient is sput on a stretcher.

Fatal illnesses like cancer or AIDS are incurable so far. But the best way to cure yourself of a disease is not to catch it, because prevention is better than cure. We can keep our health by physical training, hardening our body, through sport and sofficient sleep.



Various bacteria and microorganisms are dangerous invaders, attempting to weaken and destroy our body. Our contemporary world is constantly bringing new diseases. We can devide them into several categories:

  • common illnesses
  • diseases of civilisation
  • (gruesome) serious diseases


Common illnesses are for example flu, cold, headache, tootache or tonsillitis and we can discern them with various symptoms like temperature, perspiration, torpidity, pains, etc. It should be no problem to cure them with help of our natural defence system. Among more serious illnesses are measles, chicken pox, mumps, diptheria, whooping cough, polio, ..¨

Deseases of civilisation are diseases that appear to increase in frequency as countries become more industrialized and people live longer. They include Alzheimer’s disease, migraines, depression, obesity and many others.

And finaly we should mention some serious diseases: leukaemia, AIDS, heart attacks, cancer. Some of them are unfortunately incurable.

All these diseases have one common thing — we should visit our doctor right away. In the case of a serious illness, an ambulance takes us to the hospital.


Medical care in the Czech republic

Medical care in the Czech rep. with recent reform of public health service is not as free of charge as it was. Recently we had to pay a small charge every time we see a doctor but this law was cancelled. We had to pay for prescriptions, stay in hospitals and medicines although some of them could be entirely paid by insurance company.

Our medical system includes first aid, antenatal checkups, maternity ward services, social care up to old age, GPs, treatment in hospitals and spas, old people’s homes and many others.

Life expectancy grows along with awareness of medical care, quality of doctors and number of hospitals. Unfortunately these characteristics vary from state to state and that’s why it’s very important where you live.

Health is one of the most important things in our lives and that’s why not all gone for nothing when we wish one another good health.


Diseases and their symptoms

flu headache, fever, cough, sneezing
pneumonia dry cough, high fever, chest pain, rapid breathing
rheumatism swollen, painful joins, limited movement
chicken pox rash starting on body, raised temperature
mumps earache, pain on eating



  • general practitioner
  • surgeon
  • dentist
  • ophtalmologist
  • ear and troat specialist
  • paediatrist
  • gynaecologist
  • psychiatrist



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