Health – maturitní otázka z angličtiny

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  Otázka: Health

  Jazyk: Angličtina

  Přidal(a): Petra



Task 1

Choose at least 5 sicknesses and injuries and talk about their symptoms, possible treatment/first aid and prevention.



Symptoms – runny nose, headache, cough

Treatment – nose drops, cough drops, painkillers,lie in bed

Prevention – avoid contact with ill people, don´t go to crowded places, healthy diet



Symptoms –  runny nose, cough, headache, high temperature, joint pain

Treatment –   lie in bed, drink a lot, reduce temperature

Prevention – avoid contact with ill people, don´t go to crowded places, healthy diet, sport


Sore throat

Symptoms- pain in throat, temperature, swollen tonsils

Treatment- drink warm drinks, compresses on neck, gargle

Prevention- avoid contact with ill people, don´t drink cold drinks, don´t eat freezy food


Food poisoning

Symptoms- nausea, vomiting, stomachache,  diarrhoea

Treatment- you must see the doctor

Prevention- never eat food,which don´t know, healthy diet



Symptoms- runny nose, sneezing, itch, rash, watery eyes, sweling

Treatment- take drugs against allergy, take inhaler, see the doctor

Prevention- avoid things, which cause allergy


High blood pressure

Symptoms- headache, quick heartbeat, vertigo, perspiration

Treatment-  see the doctor, take drug against high blood pressure

Prevention- take regularly drug ti high blood pressure, regularly see the doctor, stop smoking, don´t eat fat meal



Symptoms- haedache, nausea, vertigo, temperature

Treatment-  drink a lot, put cold compresses, stay in

Prevention- wear cap, drink enough, avoid beeing on sun between 11am-3pm


Cut finger

Symptoms- bleeding, pain

First aid- wash under water, desinfect, use adhesive plaster

Prevention- don´t play with sharp things, be careful


Sprained ankle

Symptoms- pain, sweling

First aid- put ice, use bandage, you shouldn´t walk

Prevention- be careful



Symptoms- pain in back

Treatment- use warm-up plaste, go to massage/fyziotherapy

Prevention- be careful, you don´t carry heavy things


Tick bite, bee/ wasp sting

Symptoms- redness, swelling, pain

First aid- remove tick/sting, take desinfection

Prevention- use repellent


Broken bone

Symptoms- pain

First aid- immobilize limb, you must see the doctor

Prevention- be careful


Task 2

Decide what to put in a first aid kit when you go hiking in the mountains


A thermomether

B syringe

C an adhesine bandage

D latex/disposable gloves

E pain killers, aspirin

F tweezers

G a glass


Thermomether- I think that thermomether isn´t important, because  temperature can be measured when we put our palm on forehead of ill person.

Syringe-  Only nurses should use syringes. I think that application of syringes by amateurs is dangerous. Do you agree with me?

An adhesine bandage– This is first thing, which mustn´t be missing in first aid kit. Whenever we can  cut or graze something.

Latex gloves – I´ll put gloves to first aid kit, because they are useful. They protect  our health against viruses and infection.

Pain killers– These pills of course we must put to first aid kit because we might need them when something hurts.

Tweezers– they are useful when we stick in splinter to finger or get a tick bite.

A glass– Glass is unnecessary thing, because ussualy we will have a bottle of water. And glass is big and occupies space in first aid kit.

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