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Otázka: Food and Cooking

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Eliška



Attitudes to food (diet)


  • Typically includes lean meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds

Keto (fat based diet)

  • Low-carb diet
  • You to get more calories from protein and fat and less from carbohydrates


  • Vegans do not eat foods that come from animals
  • A vegan diet contains only plants


  • Someone who does not eat any meat, fish or by-products of animals
  • Vegetarian diets contain various levels of fruits, vegetables, grain, pulses, nuts and seeds

Lactose free diet

  • You may want to avoid as part of a lactose-free diets
    • Milk- all types of cow’s milk, goat’s milk and buffalo’s milk
    • Cheese- especially soft cheeses, such as cream cheese, cottage cheese, mozzarella, and ricotta
    • Ice cream, frozen yogurt, buttermilk

Raw diet

  • is composed of mostly or completely raw and unprocessed foods
  • A food is considered raw if it has never been heated over 40–48°C
  • Foods to Eat
    • All fresh fruits, All raw vegetables, Raw nuts and seeds, Raw grains and legumes, sprouted or soaked, Dried fruits and meats, Nut milks, Raw nut butters, Cold-pressed olive and coconut oils, Fermented foods like kimchi and sauerkraut, Seaweed, Sprouts, Raw eggs or dairy, if desired, Raw meat or fish, if desired
  • Foods to Avoid
    • Cooked fruits, vegetables, meats and grains, Baked items, Roasted nuts and seeds, Refined oils, Table salt, Refined sugars and flour, Pasteurized juices and dairy, Coffee and tea, Alcohol, Pasta, Pastries, Chips, Other processed foods and snacks


Eating habits


  • Using fork, knife, spoon
  • Lunch is the main meal


  • Similar to our type eating
  • Dinner is the main meal


  • Mexico- plain hands
  • East Asia- chopsticks


Tradition dish


  • Roast sirloin in sour cream sauce with dumplings
  • Roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut


  • Fish and chips
  • Sunday roast (mint sauce)


  • Fast food
  • Apple pie


  • Taco
  • Paella
  • Sushi, pizza


Eating out

  • Restaurant
  • Street vendors
  • Fast food
  • Groceries/Gas station (baguette, sandwich)


Ways of preparing food

  • Boil in the water
  • Bake and roast
  • Fry cooking your food in fat (eg. oil)
  • Grilling (food is placed on intentense heat using wood, coal, gas, etc)
  • Broiling (similar to grilling, heat comes from top)
  • Raw food


Junk food

  • Unhealthful food that is high in calories from sugar or fat, with small amount of protein, vitamins and minerals.

Fast food

  • Advantages
    • Time cost/cost can be really appealing
    • Taste
    • Time saving
  • Disadvantages
    • Pricey compared to home cooked
    • Tend to be junk food, but not every time


GM food

  • Genetically modified food produced from plants or animals whose DNA has been altered through genetic engineering.
  • Student of gymnasium just can’t evaluate if it is good or bad.



Describe the difference between Czech and English breakfast.

  • Czech breakfast is usually consist of tea or coffee and bread or rolls with cheese or ham. Some people prefer something sweet like cakes or doughnuts. A very modern alternative is to have cereals or muesli.
  • There are also some people who do not eat anything for breakfast, because they believe it will help them stay slim.
  • English breakfast is different. It consist of a glass of fruit juice, cornflakes with sugar and milk and buttered crisp pieces of a toast with marmalade, jam or honey.
  • Quite a lot of British people eat muesli or some other ready-made cereals or porridge. They drink tea with milk or coffee.


What do people eat during the afternoon?

  • Typical British feature is 5 o’clock tea.
  • The tea is usually fairly strong and served together with some cakes or biscuits.
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