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Otázka: Free time and entertainment

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Adéla01



Free time/ Entertainment

This time is stressful and with minimum of free time. Students have to study and adults have to work and they have free time only at the weekend or after school or work. What they can do, when they have it? There is lots of things to do: culture, sports, concerts, friends, computers, games and others.


Sporty/ Sports

When they want to play some sport, they visit sportcenter. There are gyms and sometimes swimming pools. Visitors can play table tennis, badminton, squash or for example bowling. In Kroměříž is many sportcenters, such as Parada, which is located next to the House of Culture. Other sport place where can go is swimming pool, where is gym, massage and solarium too or athletic stadium stejdyjm, where you can run and play sports.

My favourite sport is tennis, because it depend only on you if you win or lose and is good for relax and for play with friends, and you need only tennis racket and tennis ball (small, yellow, good jumping ball). Tennis is played on a tennis court with two or four players, depends on game type. They knock up pinkat si with the ball and who miss the ball, lose.


Kino a divadlo/ cinema and theatre

Next are culture activities. How I said, in Kroměříž si House of Culture, where are organised plays, balls, concerts and shows. It is also theatre, so there are theatre performances. Together with House of Culture is here cinema, where you can see new and older films and you can get special card for seniors or students for projections prodžekšn of the best film ever, which you can see every Wednesday.



Other culture place is museum. There is an interesting art gallery and a large and fascinating display zobrazení of artefacts. The objects on show here come from all over the world and many are considered považovány  to be priceless neocenitelné.

And for example last culture place here can be Archbishop’s Château in Kromeriz. It is old castle here, with famous gallery and tower, from which is great view.


Parky a zahrady/ parks and gardens

There are several parks and two gardens too. In parks are swings and roundabouts for children and good places for walk the dog. Chateau garden is located next to the Archbishop’s Château and it is good place for walks and dates for lovers. If you have camera, you can take a photos, because there are really beautiful places. Floral florl garden is part of UNESCO World Heritage dědictví List. There are labyrinths lábrints and colonnade kolnejd.



Teenagers, students and young people go to pubs and music clubs at the weekend. In music clubs play noise pop and disco music, people dance and have fun and usually they drink alcohol alkhol. Personally, I don’t like these music clubs, because I like rock music, so I prefer big beats and concerts. But they aren’t in Kroměříž, so I have to go to neighboring nejbring sousední villages and towns.

They have many games too. One of the most favourite is Twister. It is played on large playing surface plocha with coloured cyrcles. Indicator ukazatel  shows part of your body and color and you have to put it there.


My free time

I have free time only at the weekends because I have lots of homeworks during the week and I have to study for school.

Usually, I spend my free time with friends, but it depends on the activity and also on my mood. When I have a free time after school, I usually stay at home and play some computer game, watch film or serial (such as HIMYM, Misfits, Suits or Game of the Thrones), or chat with friends on Facebook, because I’m exhausted. When is weekend, I usually go to pub with friends or to disco or rockconcert, or when I’m still exhausted or have not money, i stay at home and then I sleep a long time. If is some good and expected očekávaný movie in the cinema, I go there to watch it. I also like shooting films and videos, so if I have a good idea, I shoot it and put it on my youtube channel.

If I had more free time, I’d study more and do same things like now more.

If I could choose a holiday, I’d like to go abroad ebroud do zahraničí, because I like to travel and see new places. I prefer relaxing holidays with my friends near the sea.

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