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Sport is really important in our life. We can do it professionally or just for fun and health (we can be just an amateur and do it recreationally). Everybody need some exercises and there are a lot of importance and benefits of doing sports:
It is good for our health (better condition, good for our immunity system, we are healthy and fit, regular exercise is against overweight…)
better mood (it keeps us fain)
increases our will and stamina (posiluje naši vůli a výdrž)
feelings of being winner / looser are important too (we will learn respect the rules and be modest)
we can meet some new friends


Negatives of sports:

are dangerous (some less and some more), we can be hurt and during some very dangerous sports you can even die
sometimes the equipment is really expensive – skiing, golf, extreme sports
the problem is also a violent behaviour of football fans
corruption – when the club take bribes do the referee
infamous is doping in the professional sport
using animals like cocks (kohouti) or dogs in fights – it’s against animal rights and very cruel
betting – it can be dangerous when the people bet a lot of money and don’t have it


Types of sports:

Indoor sports – squash, floorball, gymnastics, bowling, chess, fitness, shooting, table-tennis

Outdoor sports – baseball, golf, football, tourism, horse riding

There is a new phenomenon – extreme sports. It’s for example parachuting, scuba diving, climbing or bungee jumping.

Something can be indoor and outdoor too (for example skating – on the ice ring or outdoor on the pond when it’s winter).

There are also sports which can be played indoor and outdoor such as: Tennis, ball games (basketball, voleyball, minigolf..)

Team sports – ball games: football, American football, hockey, basketball

Individual sports – swimming, badminton, table tennis
We can also divide sports according to the season they are practised:


Summer sports

water sports (aquatic): swimming, diving, scuba diving, waterskiing, snorkelling, surfing; ball games, yachting, water polo, canoeing or rowing…
ball games (football, cricket, golf), athletics (sprint, high jump, long jump, tripple jump, javelin throw, ball throw)
Winter sports – downhill skiing, acrobatic skiing, ski jumping, cross-country skiing, ice-skating, curling, ice hockey, sledging (sáňkování), snowboarding, biathlon, speed skating, competitive figure skating (single skating, pairs skating or ice-dancing)


Some sport facilities where we can do the sports…

gyms or fitness centres (some in Benešov)
ice rink – skating or hockey (we need hockey stick, puck and two hockey goals)
pitch – football (only the ball and goals)
court – tennis, squash, basketball, volleyball, …
golf course – golf (we have got a hole and a golf club)
downhill course – skiing (a pair of skis, helmet, goggles, sticks, skiing boots)
pool – swimming
racetrack – motor sports
slope – skiing
racecourse – horse riding
ball park – it includes the whole field (large piece of ground with area marked out for playing football, cricket, etc..) with the tribuna 1.) stand – it is a building where people sit or stand to watch the game
the bleachers – uncovered long wooden banches round the ground


Popular sports in…

The GB – Many sports have their origins in GB, that why Britain is sometimes called “The Cradle of Sports”.

Two types of rugby, modern game of hockey, cricket, dartes, tennis and boxing were invented there.

The very national sports in the GB are cricket, golf, soccer or lawn tennis

Some famous sport competition are organised there such as Wimbledon (one of the Grand Slam), the British Open Golf Champion Ship, the Grand National (it is the best known horse-race)  horseracing –long tradition of it; the horserace is great cultural event, the people meet here, woman have got a big hats and men bet; the Jockey Club;
The USA – One of the most popular sports is basketball – the best players are black men. Million of people are interested in it and they cross their fingers for their favourite team.
Another popular kind of sport is ice hockey, most famous organisation is NHL (we can find there many czech players because of good salary – for example Jaromír Jágr and Dominik Hašek).
– American football, baseball, ice hockey, horseracing

The CR – Czechs are very good at sports; ice hockey (world stars like Jaromír Jágr, Dominik Hašek; big success on the winter OG in Nagano 1998), football (almost every young boys starts with playing football, most of the Czech people are fans of some football club, there are a lot of smaller football clubs in every small villages), horseracing (world famous horse track Velká pardubická steeplechase, Josef Váňa have won it fife times), tennis (Tomáš Berdych, Radek Štěpánek, Petra Kvitová); Czechs loves watching sport (football, tennis, ice hockey, …)



Dana Zátopková and Emil Zátopek – athletes
Věra Čáslavská – gymnast
Roman Šebrle – decathlon athlete
Jan Železný, Barbora Špotáková – throwers of javelin
Aleš Valenta – freestyle skier
Kateřina Neumannová – cross country skier
Šárka Záhrobská – alpine ski racer
Martina Sáblíková – speedskater
Martina Navrátilová, Milan Lendl – tennis players
Petr Čech – football player


The Olympic Games

= the most important sport events, they are held every 4 years, they have their winter and summer parts which changes once every 2 years

The first OG took place in Olympia in 776 B.C but the founder of the modern games was Baron Pierre de Coubertin (first one in 1896 in Athens)
symbols : 1.) olympic flag which consists of five circles symbolising continents – yellow = Asia, red = America, green = Australia, blue = Europa, black = Africa
2.) Olympic fire – the fire is lit on the Olymp and it is the official start of the Games

3.) a mascot, usually an animal native to the area or occasionally human figures representing the cultural heritage (odkaz, dědictví)

4.) Olympic anthem
There are also the World / Europe championships in various sports.

Australia open or Davis Cup (Fed Cup is the same but for woman).

Football – the UEFA Champions League, the Europe League …


Opportunities in Benešov:

– swimming pool, ice rink, a lot of fitness centres and gyms, tennis and squash courts, cycling tracks, golf course (Golf Resort Konopiště in Tvoršovice), football fields, farms – to ride a horse, in the river Sázava you can go fishing, sailing or swimming in the summer…
Before we start we have to do the warming-up exercises…

Me and sports (riding a horse, squash, swimming, skiing)…


My favourite sport
What should a good sportsman be like

He shouldn´t do sport only for money but he should like the sport and try to have better results. He should play fair, be honest and persistent (vytrvalý). He shouldn´t smoke, drink too much alcohol and take drugs.

He should have a healthy lifestyle, excel of his sport, be determined to win, devote most of his time to practising and listen to his coach.

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