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1. Position, general information

2. Parts

3. Physical geography

4. Economy

5. Population

6. Political system

7. Places of interest


The United States of America extend over more than one third of the North American continent being the 4th largest country of the world after Russia, Canada and China. They bored onMexico in the south, the Atlantic Ocean in the east,Canada in the north and thePacific Ocean in the west. Part of theUSA isAlaska in the north of the American continent and the Hawaiian Islands to the south-west fromCalifornia.


The country can be divided into 5 main areas – The Appalachia Highlands, NEUCIT SE


TheUShas a varied landscape. In particular, the West is quite mountainous – the mountain ranges include Sierra Nevada, the Cascade Range and theCordilleras. The East contains plateaus or lowlands such as Mississippi Lowland.

The longest river is Mississippi, called “the father of water”. It is also the 3rd longest river after the Amazon and theNile. Its tributaries are theMissouri, theOhio and theArkansas. The biggest river inAlaska is theYukon.

The great lakes are situated on the border with Canada. There are 5 of them altogether – Superior is 2nd largest in the world after the Caspian Sea, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. TheNiagara Falls are voluminous waterfalls on the Niagara River, straddling the international border between theCanada andUSA.

In the north, the climate is mild, though because of the Labrador Current it is much colder than what we know in our country. The southern part of theUSlies in the subtropical zone.Florida, the Gulf of Mexico and theHawaiiare located in the tropical zone.Alaskais naturally the coldest area as it lies in the arctic zones.


TheUShas one of the strongest economies in the world. The American dollar is used for trade in countries across the globe. TheUSAis very rich in mineral resources. There are vast deposits of gold, silver, platinum and petroleum mainly inAlaska. Petroleum and natural gas is produced in huge amounts inTexas,Oklahomaand in theGulf of Mexico. It has one of the world’s largest resources of coal as well. TheUS’s main trading partners areCanada,Japan,Mexico, GB andGermany. Although strong in industry, two thirds of Americans work in the service sector. Agriculture plays a major role in theUSeconomy. TheUSproduces the majority of the world’s corn, soybeans, tomatoes, oranges, apples and tobacco. TheUSis member of G8 [withFrance,Italy,Japan,Canada,Germany,UK,Russia], UNO [United Nations Organization], NATO [North Atlantic Treaty Organization], APEC [Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation]


The number of inhabitants is around 308 million, with about 80 per cent living in towns and cities. The country is the third most populous in the world behind Chinaand India. The density is 30 inhab./km2. American population is very diverse


The USis a federation consisting of 50 states, one federal district and other territories. In the American democratic system, rights and powers are divided between the individual states and federal government. Each state has its own government and makes its own laws concerning sales taxes, education, speed limits, environmental protection, unemployment benefits, gambling, drinking and divorce. Federal laws apply to all states and citizens. The federal government controls national taxed and the armed forces. Two parties dominate American politics – the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. UScitizens must be 18 years old to vote. The president is elected for a four years term and may only be elected twice. The winner of the 2009 presidential election, Democrat Barack Obama, is the 44thUS president.


In the United Statesthere are a lot of places of interest. The Statue of Liberty is a copper statue given to the USAby Francein 1887. She has a tablet with 4th July1776 in her left hand and torch in her right hand. It’s the symbol ofNew York. the capital of theUSand there is the White House, where the president lives and works.

Los Angelesis the capital of the film world. Famous people often live in suburbs such asBeverly HillsorHollywood. It’s the second largest city in theUSA.

In the USA there are a lot of other big cities – San Francisco with its most important sight Golden Gate Bridge, Nashville, the capital of country music, Detroit, the center of the car industry of the US, Las Vegas, famous for gambling, hotels and casinos, Salt Lake City, where were Winter Olympic Games in 2002, or Miami, known for its Miami Beach.

Death ValleyDesertis the hottest and driest place in theUSA.

TheUSwants to keep its own natural beauty, so it has established many national parks, e.g. Yellowstone orGrand Canyon.

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