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  Otázka: Global issues

  Jazyk: Angličtina

  Přidal(a): Robin Th



Global issues are problems which are common for all people in the world. There are many global problems all over the world for example pollution, global warming, famine, wars and terrorism, racism, lack of education, endangered species, animal testing, poverty, diseases, unemployment and others.

Major current environmental issues may include climate change, environmental degradation, endangered species, genetic modification or overpopulation. Too many cars on the roads are related with the air and the water pollution, which is the biggest difficulty in many large cities such as Los Angeles, Beijing and Mexico City and in areas with concentrated industrial production.

Huge production of so-called greenhouse gases causes global warming. Current average temperature on our planet is 15 °C, but the Earth is getting warmer. It is becoming a big problem because it causes climate change. Icebergs are melting, the sea-level rises and that´s why many countries, coastal areas and cities may be flooded, e.g. New York or Netherlands. Weather changes can also create devastating natural disasters like tornados or hurricanes (hurricane Katrina in USA, 2005)

Another problem is species extinction, which is caused for example by the destruction of many forests, especially in South and Central American countries. It is said that at least 4000 species die out every year. Acid rains, caused by some chemical substances are also harmful for many plants and animals.

Population growth is also very serious problem. World´s population is growing increasingly. With more people, more pollution is generated and more resources are used.

Another worldwide problem is poverty. People, who are living in poverty often commit crimes to support themselves or their families. They often don´t have enough food, which leads to starvation. Poor countries don´t have enough money for quality education system so the people are illiterate and they usually don´t have a good health system, which leads to a population that is ill and has many diseases. We see these problems in many countries like Chad, Nigeria, Brazil, Nepal or Romania.

Nowadays, also many conflicts and attacks are happening in the world (Korean war, Syrian Civil War etc.) One of the most dangerous terrorist group is Al-Qaida which was responsible for the attack on World Trade Centre in 2001. Another is ISIS which is organisation of radical Islamises.

We deal with these and many other problems every day. But who is going to solve all these problems and how? All of us can do something. We can start for instance with recycling and walking or using public transport instead of driving a car. We should be interested in what is happening in the world and we should also behave well and treat everyone with respect. One person cannot usually change the world, but he can change the world of one person. We can also support organisations that try to help countries, which need help more than us. These organisations include e.g. Greenpeace, UNICEF. Amnesty International and others. When we want to make the world a better place, we have to do something because it is always better to do something than to do nothing.

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