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Joanne Kathleen Rowling

She was born 31 July 1996 in Yate.She is the british authoress, known especially thanks to Harry Potter’s seven-part Harry Potter wizard book, which has achieved worldwide success, including a number of awards, and now more than 450 million copies sold. In addition to writing books, Rowling is also known for her life story, when she became a multimillionaire for five years. Joanne Rowling was born in Yate, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, in 1965. Together with her mother, father and sister, Dianne moved to Winterbourne, Bristol and eventually to Tutshill. She attended Wydean High School, where she often told her stories. In 1990, her mother succumbed to a 45-year-long struggle with multiple sclerosis. After her annual stay in Paris, part of her college studies, she returned to England, where she worked mainly for Amnesty International. The idea of ​​a magical apprentice story was given by a train from Manchester to London. At the finish line, she had the imagined majority of characters and the basic story of the first part of the series – Harry Potter and the Sage of Sages. Rowling moved to Portugal to teach her English. Here she married the Portuguese television reporter Jorg Arantes. In 1993, their daughter Jessica Rowling Arantes was born. The marriage did not last, and Rowling returned with her daughter to Edinburgh before her divorce in 1994.

After the tremendous success of the first piece, Rowling wrote 6 other sequels and 3 additional books that were released in favor of the Comic Relief Foundation. He sold the book to Rowling’s multimillionaire, and in 2001 he could buy a luxury 19th-century mansion on the banks of the Tay River in Scotland. In the same year she married Dr. Neil Murray. The Harry Potter series has a total of 7 parts. Most parts are translated by Pavel Medek. All books have been translated into many world languages. The Albatros Publishing House, which has exclusive rights in the Czech Republic for this series, published a Czech translation of the first book on January 31, 1998. Despite the huge success, Rowling’s book avoided many problems.



One evening to Petunia and Vernon Dursley, the Director of Hogwarts School and Magic arrives and leaves them at the door of Harry Potter’s nephew whose parents died when Lord Voldemort, a very dreaded and powerful sorcerer, was killed. Harry Potter grows out of the magical world with very evil Muggles and his cousin Dudley. When he is almost eleven years old he receives a letter from Hogwarts. His uncle, however, took and broke him because he said he did not want to have anything to do with spells-he knew very well what happened to Harry’s parents, but he did not tell him. When Mr. Dursley’s letters begin to move, he decides to move away. Exactly at midnight on the day of Harry’s half-year-old Hagrid is to break into the house. Finally, he handed the letter to him and accompanied him when he bought his stuff at school, and they went to Gringot’s bank where Hagrid took the stone of the sage from the vault-Harry does not know what he is about. He will also tell him about his past. He’ll say goodbye to him when Harry gets on the train. After a while, the quest begins and introduces Ron Weasley. He also met Hermione Granger. When they arrived at Hogwarts, the wise hat of the freshmen was divided into four tracks: Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor and Slytherin. Harry, Ron, and Hermione were in Gryffindor while their biggest enemy Draco Malfoy in Slytherin. Later, Harry learns that the vault with Hagrid and he has picked a stone pack – he still does not know he’s in the stone of the sages – has been robbed, because nothing has gone missing in him. Later, Harry becomes the youngest sniper in Quidditch. In fact, Draco is just about letting Gryffindor take the points for this because pupils can not move in the evening after school. So Draco tells the janitor Filch that pupils will move in a designated place. When Harry finds out in the evening – Ron, Hermione and Nevill are with him – they’re gonna run away. When he walks to the third floor, where the entrance is strictly forbidden, when he encounters a three-headed dog, Fluffy is just so excited, he thinks the dog is guarding the package from the vault. In the evening of All Saints a troll will be taken to school. Hermione will not know about him because he’s crying in the toilets because of Ron’s slander. Harry and Ron run for help and they can save Hermione. This makes them the best friends. They suspect Professor Snape, who had never been in love with Harry, and has been running his sledge – the Slytherin – to release the trolley in order to reach the three-headed dog and steal the stone pack. He thinks because Snape had a market blow on his leg. Later, the Quidditch game is played against the Gryffindor, and Harry’s broom has a disorder. Hermione sees that Snape looks at the broom and mumbles something. In the belief that he wants Harry to kill Hermione, he will fire his cloak and Harry will be able to jump again. When the trio with her suspicions entrusted to Hagrid, he told them that it was impossible and inadvertently mentioned the name of Nicholas Flamela. Harry and Hermione and Ron tried to find out more about it. Later they managed to reveal that it was Dumbledore’s companion who made a stone of sages! Everyone was immediately clear what was hidden in the package! Hagrid wins a stake in a pub and gets a donating egg from a guy. Suddenly, he remembered telling the man how to sleep the Hood, saying he just needed something to play and was as peaceful as a lamb. But Hagrid caught his mouth again because he revealed the secret thing. Because Dumbledore had gone so unknowingly, they began to persecute Snape himself. In the evening, they walked behind the Hood and drowned him, crawling through the chessboard and the tricky potions, and eventually reaching the target – Harry only – what he saw was totally overwhelmed. It was not Snape but Quirell, who had chosen Voldemort as a middleman. Finally, with the will of force, he got a stone in Harry’s hand. After the fight, when Harry reached for Quirella, and the touch did not fall, he fell apart. Then Harry fell to the ground. But in time, Professor Dumbledore rescued him, who also told him that Quirell had lost his life. Harry ended up in the wardrobe where he lay by the end of the school year. Gryffindor, thanks to Harry, Ron and Hermione, also won the school cup Nevill. And Harry had to go back to Dursley.


Main characters

Harry Potter-small, brave and talented wizard, experienced sad times, not respecting the rules

Ron Weasly-Harry’s best friend, comes from a poor family, good, timid, and a little bit of a snob

Hermione Granger-Harry’s friend, very clever, worrying, enjoys teaching

Albus Dumbledore-powerful wizard, school direktor

Hagrid-giant, lucky, good

Severus Snape-he does not like Harry, unfair

Profesor Quirell-is controlled by Lord Voldemort, fearful, teaching in Hogwarts

Lord Voldemort-The 2nd most powerful sorcerer, after his defeat, wants to regain power, unscrupulous, evil



Professor Quirrell wants to be inconspicuous and harm to Harry as much as possible. At the end of the book he faces face-to-face, and the professor listens to his Lord Voldemort and wants to kill him, but he will not do it.



„… if someone loved you so deeply, it will give you some protection forever, even though the one who loved you is no longer. „

„… he felt different than the crowds out there, as if he did not belong to the same human species. „



I liked the book very much and read well. Everything is amazingly tangled and everything I like. I like to read fantasy and science fiction books, so this was an ideal book for me.

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