Health and Diseases – maturitní otázka z angličtiny (3)



  Otázka: Health and Diseases

  Jazyk: Angličtina

  Přidal(a): Adéla



Stayig healthy is essential if we want to live our life to the fullest. In order to be provided proper  medical care, we are responsible for our health. Therefore, all people in Czech Republic must be insured. Next, we all should undergo regular medical check-ups, such as going routine dental examination or gynecological examination. Last but not least, as well as balanced diet and physical exercises play an important role, too. To summarize, healthcare in the Czech Republic is provided from birth to death by state or private institution.


Secondly, I will speak about the state of medical care in our country and changes which are currently being made. I think that our medical system is relatively good because we have many intelligent doctor any many specialist like therapist but also a lot of qualified doctors in field hospitals.l But on the other hand in many state like Switzerland they have even more possibilities for treatment and diagnostic .Moreover there are some disputes over balance payments and charges which contributes for better healthcare. For example 30 crowns for a medical examination.  I really like this idea  because i really think that  payments and charges can change future of developing new medication and better care. On the other hand our healthcare system has also many dark sides. At first the state does not subsidize hospitals in small towns and these are due to lack of money cancelled. Furthermore in smaller villages or towns is turn around  time up to 25 minutes and by that time some people might have died. Not only doctors are important group of hospitals employees but also nurses are very important because the help doctors and take care of patients.


Next i would like to talk about diseases which are closely related with the healthcare. Diseases can be divided into many types. At first common diseases like flu or chest infection. Between symptoms belongs for example nasty cough or running nose but in some cases others. When i was about 12 i had  splitting headache  and my eyes were watering all the time. I went to the doctor and i said him that  i haven’t been feeling very well recently. He asked me :how long has this been going on i said him everything and then he prescribed me some tooks about 7 days to be completely recovered. Moreover between common diseases belong allergic. You might be allergic on some food, pollen or dust. Next we have fatal diseases which are usually untreatable. I think that the biggest threat is ignorance and unprotected sex. Fatal diseases include  cancer, Aids or diabetes. Furthermore I think that prevention is better than cure.


In conclusion is very important to mention factors that threaten our health  because As i already said : prevention is better than cure. At first Food.  People do not realize that what they eat can easily affect their health. For example document called Super size me. One man documents his experiment to eat only Mc Donald fast food  three times a day, every day, for thirthy days. After he finished his experiment , he achieved a total weight gain 11 kilograms. Next factor is for example environment. Furthermore we can make many things for our health. For example balance diet or healthy life-style which contains to eat vitamins or carbohydrates.


Having considered, advantages and disadvantages, we should be grateful for  condition in which we live. In many counties such as Bangladesh or Africa there are many differences. Because developing countries have really weak medical system because they haven’t educated people like doctors they haven’t money for creating of hospitals even cure.

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