Health – maturitní otázka z angličtiny (6)

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Otázka: Health + vocabulary

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Lenka Klímová




  • Healthy lifestyle –sport, diet, food, stress
  • Illnesses, injuries, diseases, help
  • At the doctors
  • Parts of the body, organs
  • Incurable diseases


Injuries – zranění

fracture :-zlomeniny

-broken leg/arm


burning -spáleniny

dislocate –ankle, wrist, knee -vykloubit


pull a muscle-natažení svalu

concussion (brainshake) -zhmoždění



aids (acute immuno-deficiency syndrome )



angina –angina pectoris


aviary influenza-ptačí chřipka

pneumonia-zápal plic


spanish flu –španělská chřipka

mononucleosis -mononukleóza

rheumatic fever-revmatická horečka

asthma -astma

epilepsy -epilepsie

stomach stones-žaudeční kameny


heart attack-infarkt


cold (I´ve caught cold)

cough -kašel

headache –bolest hlavy






constipation -zácpa

tonsillitis -angína


Children diseases-dětské nemoci



small pox-neštovice

polio-dětská obrna

whooping cough –černý kašel


Flu -chřipka    

It is viral illness.                                                            You must more sleep and perspire.

You have temperature and fever.                            You must put medicine for example aspirin.

You are headache.                                                       You must drink herbs tee.

I have a sore throat.                                                    You must go to the doctors.


Cold- rýma

You runny nose.               You must use handkerchief and nose-drops.

You blow.                                         You drink hot tee.

You have red nos.                           You inhale herbs steam.


Cough (kótf)

–             is very often and have a lot of reason such as a cold or astma

–             person must cough (cof)

–             when you have a cough, buy medications in pharmacy and eat a lot of vitamins



–             is very dangerous because our head is very important part of body

–             person can have headache from stress, drinking regime, illnesses or injuries as concussion

–             when you have a headache drink a lot of water and relax



–             it is after hit to head. You should go to hospital

–             you vomit (zvracet)


Heart attack

–             it means that your heart stops.

–             you can die



–             symptoms typically start over 2. to minute

–             you can lose body function

–             most form of stroke aren´t associated with headee


Rheumatic fever

–             it is inflammation in a knuckles (klouby)

–             sometimes you can´t move with knuckles

–             you can have a tumescence (otok)

–             you have to keep a knuckles in warm

–             you can take pills



–             you have weakened immunity

–             it is disease the liver

–             you have to have a diet

–             you are tired and weak for a long time

–             you have to take a pills


At the doctor´s

1-Hello, doctor.

2- Hello what can I do for you?

1- I´ve hurt my finger.

2- Hmmm, Yes, It´s a bit swollen. Can you bend it?

1- Yes but it´s very painful.

2- How long has it been like this?

1-About three days. I closed door on it.

2- I see, Well, I think you´re probably it, so you´ll need an x-ray.

1- Will I have to go to the hospital for that?

2- Yes, here you are. Take this letter to the hospital and they´ll x-ray it for you.

1- Thank you, doctor. Goodbye.

2- Goodbye.


L-Good morning, doctor.

P-Good morning, What can I do for you?

L-I have been feeling ill. I have cold and headache, cough.

P-Have you got a fever?

L-No but I have high temperature.

P-Hmmm, How long have you felt sick?

L-About 2 days.

P-Well, you have an flue. I prescribe a pills and you have to get enough sleep. And you will go to the check for 5 days.

L- Thank you, goodbye.



Healthy lifestyle

We shouldn´t                                   should

-smoking                                          +do sport

-drinking alcohol                             +eat heathy food /healthily

-over eating                                     +drink much water

-be under stress                              +think positive

-few sport                                        +sleep well

-don´t eat junk food                       +eat regularly

(oil, fat, sugar)

-take drugs                                       +do exercise

-be lazy                                             +have a rest

+be active

+have balanced diet

+eat fruits and vegetables


How to Live to be a Hundred Years Old

I´m going to talk about Healthy Lifestyle and How to Live to be a Hundred Years Old.

First of all it is important to that It wanted itself.


Secondly, you should do sports, eat heathy food, eat fruits and vegetables.

Another important point is

In addition, We shouldn´t smoking, drinking alcohol, over eating is is another important factor of good health.


What is the most serious disease in your opinion, and Why?

Name 10 parts of your body

Mane 3 organs in your body

What does a doctor use to help you? (10)

Is your lifestyle healthy? Why? Why not?

Healthy(5) x Unhealthy(5)

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