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Otázka: Health system

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Katy Arnoltová



Health is the most important thing in our lives. Everyone knows it but when we are healthy we usually don’t appreciate it. We often realize it when we or some of our close relatives fall in. At present two types of health facilities operate in this country: state and private ones and we need to choose.

Being healthy means that we don’t suffer from any illnesses and that we feel mentally and physically.

If we want to be healthy then we have to drink a lot of water, eat regularly 5 times a day, eat fruits and vegetables, do some sport, sleep about eight hours a day, avoid stress and have some time to relax.

As a child, I was often ill. I had various childhood diseases, for example measles, chicken-pox and so on. I had a reflux [RÍFLUX], that’s because my juices were coming back. I also had lung problems. I had bronchial laryngitis [LARINDŽAJNS], laryngitis, pneumonia. About half of my childhood was in hospital or I spent with doctors on various examinations. Fortunately, nurses and doctors have always been nice to me and I think it is a very important thing to me, because I’m not afraid about the examinations.

At the end of last year, my back was starting to hurt. I started rehab, but one day I got sick. The next day, I went to the doctor, and she told me it was a gallbladder attack. She sent me to the hospital for various results. Unfortunately, they left me there and gave me an operation date, first it was supposed to be a small [PROSIDZŘ] procedure, but it didn’t work out, so I had to have a bigger operation. It’s all right now, it’s just not a pleasant experience. Especially for mental health.

I maintain my health by taking various vitamins mainly at this time. Then I go for walks and try to get ten thousand paces a day and I am vaccinated for various diseases, for example covid-19, tetanus, smallpox, whooping cough or tuberculosis.

When I catch a cold I am staying in bed, taking pills, keeping warm and drinking some herbal tea with honey or lemon or with ginger.

But if it’s a long time, I go to the doctor. When I come he wants to know if I have a temperature, or good appetite and where I feel pain. Later he listens to my lungs and heart and I have to take a deep breath or stop breathing under his orders. He also wants I to open our mouth and say ‚A‘ to see if I have red tonsils. So he diagnoses therapy and prescribes medicine.

So I go to the pharmacy and I get antibiotics, painkillers or some vitamins.


What is meant by first aid?

  • = Mouth-to-mouth, stopping bleeding or fixing fractures and call the ambulance
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