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Review of my favourite book

I would like to introduce you my favourite book. It’s a book I have read recently. The name of the book is Hostinec Evropa and it’s written by Jakub Mazanec.

It’s an interesting story about how I came to this book. I was at the scout camp for people like me who want to become good leaders or guides in their scout group. Jakub Mazanec was one of the instructors here and he showed us his new book. I instantly fell in love with that book, and I want to tell you why.

As the name of the book says, it’s about Europe and the story is happening in the pub. It may sound a little weird now, but let me explain. Hostinec Evropa is a collection of fourteen fables. The characters are visitors of the part named Hostinec Evropa and each of them represents one country in Europe. The characters have specific names and they behave like stereotypical citizens of that country. For example, the Great Britain is represented by a gentleman named Earl Grey who drinks only tea. Russia is represented by a chunky man called Mr. Bear who makes just problems and he is always angry. The narrator is a “chief” of this pub. Each of the stories is describing one historical event of the European union in some allegorical funny way.

I love this book mostly because the characters are written in the funniest but still authentic way. Another positive thing is that you can learn something new about the history of Europe, but on the other hand you must have some basic knowledge of that to get that point. I also love the specific humour of the author.

One thing which is really bad about this book is the binding. It doesn’t stay open even for a while, you must hold it with your both hands and that’s really annoying. It would be better to make that book in the old way with the old binding. But I think it’s not really the author’s mistake.

I would recommend Hostinec Evropa to all people who are at least a little bit into history or politics. You would definitely love this one! But I wish you a lot of patience for forcing the book to stay open…


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