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I would like to start with places of living. There are varieties of places where to live. We can live in a city and listen to a terrific noise or we can live in a beautiful village with lots of friendly neighbors and wildlife around us. I have almost forgotten about small towns like Studénka, they are neither small nor big. Small towns are situated around big cities like their little satellites.

Of course, another problem is to decide about a flat or a house? Flats are situated in a block of flats instead of that, houses are usually surrounded by garden.  Flats are for people who live in a city and houses are usually owned by the people who live in towns and villages or suburbs.

On the one hand, living in a house provides a lot of free space and wide garden, perfect for children. On the other hand, flats are better, if you live alone or you need something cheaper.


In Great Britain there are these types of houses: a detached house stands by itself and usually has a garden all around it and a garage. They can be found in elegant suburbs or in the countryside. This house is suitable for a large family. Semi-detached houses are joined to another house on one side and have a small front and back garden. They are the most popular houses in the UK so, almost every average family live in this house. Terraced houses are usually in area near the centre if a large city. It was an ugly building joined to another building on both sides. It was usually made for workers from factories. Country cottages are in the countryside made by wealthy people. Bungalows are wooden houses only with one floor and they are suitable for people who have problems with walking upstairs.


In the USA we can find these houses: an apartment house – a big building containing many apartments (it is something like a block of flats). There live citizens. A ranch house is a long modern house for rich people. A split level house is a modern house with two stories. A two-story house is built in a square shape. A duplex house is one house split into two (like semi-detached house).A trailer is a long truck with many windows and no engine. Used as a home and usually found in small towns. It is suitable for poor people, who often move.


People in the Czech Republic live in detached houses, semi-detached houses, block of flats and they go to weekend houses on the weekends.

I live in a detached house with my mother and her boyfriend. I would rather live in a mansion, but this is impossible. Our house is very roomy and old. On the lower floor, there are a guest room, my room, a kitchen, a dining room and bedroom. On the upper floor, there are old living room and something like a store and of course, there is a loft. I usually relax in my room. I lie in bed and have a rest. In my dreamy living room should be a flat screen TV, a home cinema, the room should be dark. Next, there should be definitely people who I love.

We have got a wide garden, but I don’t go there so often. I usually only collect berries, but this year I would like to try to grow new plants. My mom does all the gardening stuff. We have got a shed, a greenhouse, a garage, next to the garage, there is an old firm house (there used to by our company) and also we have plenty of flower beds and a beautiful rockery. Also, there are many trees.

As I wrote before, I would like to live in a mansion. I would like to design my own house. It should have 2 floors and a swimming pool. The house should be very roomy and I will have my own servant. The lower floor should be bright and the upper floor should be dark. It can be built in an old architecture style, because I like old furniture and ancient times. I love Lara’s mansion in the game “Tomb Raider Legend” so, I would like to live in something like that with a bit of modern changes. I would like to live alone or with my boyfriend. If I had a sister, I would live with her.

“Home” is a place where you feel safe and comfortable. You live there with your relatives or with your best friends. When you need to relax, you go home, because home symbolizes something, what is yours and nobody can take it from you. I love candles and especially those with some scent, so when I am in my room, I always light a candle, then I even smell the scent of my home. Ideal home isn’t only about the house it is also about the atmosphere. I don’t feel good if I am alone in a house, where I live with other people, because the house is so empty without them and of course, the ideal home should be clean!

I love the guest room in my house, because there are amazing paintings on the walls. They symbolize sad and scary deserted places and also, because there is a double bed.

Housework is mine and my mum’s duty. I clean the dishes and cook meals. I also tidy my room and do the ironing. My mum wipes the floor and sometimes clean all house. She also goes to the shop and buys food. When it is time to vacuum clean the house, we usually take turns, depends on the rooms. I love cooking and I hate wiping the floor. That is the reason why my mum wipes the floor: everybody does the duty, which he or she likes. I think housework is mainly a woman’s duty, because man should do the hard work in the house, for example to chop wood.

I think houses for rich people in the future will have more electronics in them. They will be made of glass and metal. But houses for poor people will be made of wood. In my opinion, in the future, there will be big differences in the society.

People in the Czech Republic usually inherit their houses or they first buy or rent a flat and then, if they have a family, they move to a house. Students live at dormitories or they stay at their parents’ house, until they finish school.

Our family has only one neighbor. It is a Christian family, so there aren’t any problems with them. Some neighbors can be really horrible. They can listen to loud music or they can have arguments every day.


In the Czech Republic, there aren’t parties like in America, but we have something like that. The Czech Republic is a country of beer, so every party is connected with drinking beer and of course, with plenty of meat, because we, as a nation, love heavy meals.

The problem of homeless people is very spread in the Czech Republic. These people usually commit small crimes, sleep in pubs, waste their time and beg for money. If they get some money, they usually spend it on drugs and alcoholic drinks.

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