Housing – maturitní otázka z angličtiny (3)



Otázka: Housing

Jazyk: Angličtina

Přidal(a): Lenka



Living in a house                                                  x

+  more space, privacy, liberty (you can doing everything) and you not pay a rent of a flat

–   much work around the house and you have many big rooms for cleaning


Living in flat

+   no work around a home and you have small rooms for cleaning

–    bad neighbours, which will be doing a big noise and you can have a bad caretaker


The American way of life                                     x

– a duplex, a two-storey house, a townhouse, a ranch, a detached house,..


The British way of life

– a semi-detached house, a cottage, a terraced house, a bungalow


Renting a flat                                                          x

+  not worry about the flat, you can leave the flat

–   bad neighbours, you haven´t any property


Buying a house

+  you have a your property and you musn’t pay a rent.

–   you spend all your money and you’re worried about the house.


Building a house

+  you build the house of your dreams and financial possibility

–   it cost much money and it’s hard work


I live in town/a small village (near Jihlava). It called…………….. It has about ……….. people and there is a good atmosphere. We have a playground, where children meet together.

I think all the people are friendly and help.

There is a beautiful nature. We have wide choice to do sport and relaxing  for example….

I live in a detached house/block of flat/semi-detached house, which has …. rooms.

I have my own room/share with…

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