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My topic is Information technologies. First, I would like to speak about the development of IT and its history. Second, I will mention some of the most popular IT technologies for the last century and how it changed people lives.  In the end I will talk about the cons and pros of modern informational technologies and why are they so important, today. I will finish my vocal presentation with speaking about my personal experience with IT.

  • History
  • Pros and cons
  • My personal experience and opinion


Information technology is the use of computers to store, retrieve, transmit and manipulate data or information. The term Informational technology first appeared in a 1953 article published in the Harvard Business Review.  IT is also commonly used a synonym for computers and computer networks, but it also involves other technologies such as mobile phones or televisions.

We can divide IT into four categories of development: pre-mechanical, electromechanical and electronic.  device have been used to aid computation probably in a form of a tally stick.  The Antikythera mechanism is generally considered to be the first analog computer.  Electronic computers begin to appear in the early 1940s.

The first programmable computer ever was named Zuse Z3 and it was completed in 1941. After that came the first electronic digital computer Colossus used to decrypt German messages during Second World War. Although for the first recognisably modern electronic digital stored-program computer is considered the Manchester Baby computer, which ran its first program on 21 June 1948.  The first commercially available stored program computer was the Ferranti Mark, which contained 4500 valves and it had power consumption of 25 kilowatts.

Today are informational technologies common part of our daily life, and they became indispensable part of our work spaces, offices, home and even personal communication.  Although computers and smartphones can be pretty useful when it comes to school work or work in general, they can be very dangerous also. For example, internet networks and social media can affect our life in very negative way.  Especially when we don´t know how to properly present ourselves in an open anonymous public space. With the invention of Facebook in 2004 people had a new way to communicate with their surroundings and be more socially active. Uploading photos or writing statuses on personal profiles became a trend and likes started to control our life.



First at all, I would like to speak about information technology and its influence on our society. Then I will mention what modern technology, social media and digital device I use on daily basis. In the end I want to talk about my relationship with information technology.

In last ten years information technology became a very important part of our everyday lifestyle. We use electronic almost for everything. People learned to communicate mainly through social media and they started to use electronic devices, such as computers and smartphones for work and for their free time also. Thanks to internet we´re able to connect with outside world within minutes. And the information technology is permanently developing and moving forward, so the pressure of owning new and more perfect electronics devices rapidly increases every year.

When he whole world learned about Facebook in 2009, the society became even more attached to online space. And with expansion of other social networks like Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter the human communication changed forever.  We tend to express our opinions and share our lifestyle with the online world. So sometimes we can be slightly distanced from our real life. Our actions on social platforms can be very important due to our personal safety. Especially young people often don´t realize the possible danger that comes with online communication. I think we should always teach new generations how to properly work with these kinds of social media and technology.

In my everyday life I am aware of spending a lot of time on my smartphone, but lately I am trying to reduce it to the minimum. But on the other hand, I need my phone to connect with my family, because I am staying on the dorms per week. I also use computer almost every day, because it helps me with my school work. When I think about it, information technology can be very helpful for my studies. We have access to unlimited sources of information these days.

Even though I use Facebook to communicate with my friends I don´t have profile on many social networks. I personally think that we should be able to connect with people without social media. I understand that information technology helps a lot of people with their jobs every day. But I also feel that modern technology can never replace actual human contact. We should realize that online space is not everything and sometimes we can be easily lost in it. So, I can say that I am not a fan of social media at all.

Overall, I am grateful that I live in an era of modern information technologies, because they can be so useful when we learn how to work with them properly.

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